About Us

The beginning


It was a big year. Google registered its domain name as Microsoft was named world’s most valuable company, the BBC gave us full-time online news, and the first ever Harry Potter novel was published.

And in a garden on the south coast of England, under the gaze of a disinterested horse, Clearvision was born.

It all started, as many stories do, with a father and son.

Before Clearvision, founder Gerry Tombs was a twenty-something taking his father along to an exhibition on software engineering. A mechanical and constructional engineer, Peter Tombs was a man of paper, pencils and slide rules. At the beginning of a career in advanced technology, Gerry had been expecting to teach his father a few things.

And yet, following a day of discussion about software fixes, maintenance, and the rarity of a fit to purpose, on deadline release, it was Peter’s perspective on engineering that helped shape the creation of Clearvision.


You cannot have bugs in constructing a building, you cannot forget to install a power point where a piece of product line equipment will go and you certainly cannot hand something over which is not fit for purpose. The word engineering means accuracy, quality and fit for purpose.

The words still influence Gerry and Clearvision today. The Clearvision mission is to bring about a more efficient, collaborative and cost-effective software development industry – and most importantly, to show companies how they can save time and money without having to compromise on quality.

From humble beginnings in a shed-turned-workspace to growing into a global industry leader with offices in the UK, Ireland and USA, it’s something the Clearvision team (horse and all) has never forgotten.

Meet the team

Gerry Tombs
Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technical Officer
Gerry works onsite at Clearvision Southampton offices and is responsible for all company management.

Andy Carmichael
Head of Development and Agile Services

Andy works onsite at the Southampton offices and is responsible for all leading all Software and Web Development, including that of our own website and our new product – Spectrum.

Paul Renshaw
Sales Manager
Paul is based out of the UK Head Office and splits his time between here and offsite work with Clearvision’s Enterprise clients. Paul manages the Global Sales Team and all Sales activities.

Andrew Stickland
Head of Client Services

Andy is based out of our Southampton offices and is responsible for all customer deliveries including consulting, support and training services.

Suzy Lines Recruitment Manager
Suzy is responsible for all internal recruitment, all on-boarding and induction of new employees, implementation of all recruitment processes and procedures and for the design and implementation of the Affiliate Contractors Programme.

Simon Wood Marketing Manager Simon works onsite at Clearvision’s Southampton offices and is responsible for all Clearvision’s marketing.

Clearvision and You

As Agile workers, the Clearvision team are firm believers in continuous improvement, and we value all of our customer feedback. Have a tricky request or a Spectrum suggestion? Get in touch!

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