Migration from IBM Rational ClearCase to Subversion

Moving to the open source version control tool Subversion does not necessarily mean losing your version history. Unlike other migration solutions, Migrate to SVN works effectively while retaining the historic relationship between branches, labels and versions.

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Migrate to SVN

Key Benefits


Compatible with both IBM Rational ClearCase Base and UCM ClearCase (does not migrate UCM meta-data)

Platform independent

ClearCase vobs on Unix can go to either a Subversion Unix or Windows Subversion repository, same applies for ClearCase vobs on Windows.

Easy to install and configure

Runs straight out of the box, the default settings migrate all ClearCase labels and branches.

Bespoke migration

Configuration options allow you to define and manage the amount of data to migrate, from everything to specific, defined history.


  • Fine tune configuration of the import data.
  • Multiple runs prior to final import.
  • Network independent i.e ClearCase source vob does not have to be on the same network as the Subversion target repository.

Reduce costs

  • No restriction on the number of times it is run
  • No restriction on the number of ClearCase repositories migrated

Smart Caching

Smart caching ensure optimal performance.

Flexible importation

Import to an empty or pre-populated Subversion repository.

Migrating Process

Migrating data between any two systems has many hidden challenges.This is why Migrate to SVN consists of two parts:

  • A tool which performs all the hard work
  • Consulting experts who have helped migrate 1000's of ClearCase vobs over the past two years

There is more to migrating than just the data held within ClearCase. What about processes, setting policies, educating on the differences, integrations, etc.? Customers who have also taken advantage of the Clearvision Deployment services achieve their desired results much quicker and with a greater return on investment.

Why Migrate Data

Why do companies bother migrating version history from one CM tool to another?

  • Show evidence of intellectual property
  • Compliance, show who did what and when
  • Make ongoing development easier

There are three basic migration methods:

  • Migrate just the very latest version of each file i.e no history, no branching information, no meta-data. History is not important
  • Migrate a larger sample of code from several branches and retain ClearCase for its full history
  • Migrate as much as possible and remove ClearCase for good

Option One - Migrate just the very latest...

Very rarely do companies not care about the history of their product.

Option Two - Migrate a larger sample...

Whilst on paper this sounds good, the problem many companies experience is after just a few months knowledge on the old systems (ClearCase) starts to disappear, hardware and licenses must be maintained, etc. Eventually ClearCase effectively stops working, however the original requirement for history is still as strong as ever.

Option Three - Migrate as much as possible...

Whilst there is a larger investment at the beginning, having one CM tool with all history and latest changes, is more efficient in the long run and easier to maintain.

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Quick Start Pack*

£4,850 £1,500

Full License
Migrate Assist Pack*

£7,225 £1,500
*Quick Start Pack: Includes 5 hours deployment planning and migration assistance (remote assist).

*Migrate Assist Pack: Includes 20 hours (plus reasonable expenses) deployment planning and migration assistance (onsite and remote assist).

Each license will support a single instance of the tool and is restricted only by time. During the time frame Migrate2SVN can be used as often as required on any number of ClearCase Vobs or Subversion repositories.

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