Create the ideal software delivery process, partnered by Clearvision

Having the right tools and processes in place is integral to delivering quality software to market on time.

Our consultant will evaluate your delivery environment and make recommendations which will help improve your end to end processes and overall capability.

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Software Advisory Package

How does it work?

Our consultants are all experts in proven software development best practice. As Atlassian Enterprise Experts and Git/Subversion specialists we also have an excellent understanding of the leading tools in the industry.

The advisory package is ideal for large organisations with specific needs, covering an analysis of your current implementation and resulting in a series of recommendations to resolve issues in alignment with your brief.

Engaging our advisory services is a simple 3 step process:

1. Clearvision understand your needs

Clearvision advisory engagements start with agreement of what’s important - your feedback. A workshop with key members of your team, over a half day period, is the perfect way to understand current processes, draw out known issues and understand your vision. Interviews with representatives of each team help to uncover further known issues as well as those which are less visible.

2. Documenting the strategy, defining the transition

After reviewing and documenting our findings, our consultant will work with you to formulate a strategy for your organisation - this consists of "quick-wins" and longer term improvements.

3. Long term partnership and support

We don't believe advisory means showing you what's possible then walking away - we want to partner with you to implement the improvements. Whether this is guiding your teams or implementing the changes ourselves, we will ensure your vision is realised.

Price: £7,000 / $11,600 / €8,500.

Start Your Strategy

Discuss your requirements with our team today and we'll get your advisory underway with your team.

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