Complete integration between JIRA and ClearQuest, and Git, Subversion and Mercurial.

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Change Integration

Key Benefits

Minimise Human Errors

Clearvision Change Management Integrations provide full bi-directional integration between your change management solution and your Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution, enforcing best practice and minimising opportunities for human error.

Record Modified Source Code

Clearvision Change Management Integrations enable users to record modified source code files against change/defect tickets by asking users to choose from a list of available change items when committing source code to the repository.

Bidirectional Integration

The integration between Change Management and Software Configuration Management tools is bi-directional, also recording the Change Management item information against the revision history within the SCM solution.

We Integrate The Main Players

The Clearvision change integration allows you to integrate Atlassian JIRA and Subversion, JIRA and Git, JIRA and Mercurial, IBM Rational ClearQuest and Subversion, ClearQuest and Git, and ClearQuest and Mercurial.

Bespoke Integration

If the integration you require is not available, please contact us and we will be happy to assist by creating the change and configuration management integration right for you.

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Change Integration Pricing

1 year 3 years



5 years




10 users

£500/year £1,200/year£1,500/year

25 users

£1,200/year £2,880/year£3,600/year

100 users

£2,500/year £6,000/year£7,500/year

unlimited users

£5,000/year £12,000/year £15,000/year

additional server

£1,200/year £2,880/year£3,600/year

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