TM Forum

Driving the roadmap to digital success

  • TM Forum needed a tool that would be flexible and accessible for all members, as well as empowering its member organisations to collaborate effectively and efficiently at scale.
  • After consulting with its members, Confluence emerged as the clear winner to meet all of TM Forum's requirements.
  • As an organisation with collaboration at the heart of what it does, discover how TM Forum's unique and innovative use of Confluence empowered its members to overcome the challenges of collaboration at scale and work together to shape the future of teamwork.
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Salmon up and running with the Atlassian suite!

Salmon gets hooked on the Atlassian stack

  • Salmon chose Clearvision for its training to gain a hands on understanding of the important basic JIRA concepts, including working with issues, searching and reporting.
  • In order to support the Atlassian stack, Salmon opted for Clearvision’s 20 hour support package. This solution provides ultimate flexibility for easy and hassle-free support whenever teams need it.
  • Salmon adopted JIRA Service Desk which enables teams to connect IT tickets to the dev team’s backlog.
  • Clearvision worked with Salmon to provide a Health Check ensuring that the organization’s development environment and tools were running optimally.
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RBS & the Atlassian Suite

One of the UK’s largest banks transitions from legacy to Agile with Clearvision

  • RBS came to Clearvision looking to move from the legacy tool IBM Clearcase to the Atlassian stack, with a transition to agile working.
  • RBS adopted Bitbucket Server, Atlassian’s ‘behind the firewall’ Git management solution, utilising Clearvision's expertise as Atlassian's premier Git Expert.
  • Clearvision provided intense training that enabled the RBS team to act as mentors and trainers to the rest of the business for these new tools, and helped them with the planning and deployment.
  • RBS needed training at scale for their teams, with Clearvision ensuring 2000 people were up to speed quickly with JIRA best practices.
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Tinder – JIRA and Confluence Consultancy

Clearvision proved the perfect match for customer service improvements

  • Tinder is now able to communicate efficiently between departments using JIRA and Confluence
  • Tinder has its workflows customized and its third party tooling integrated
  • Clearvision provided ticket tracking so now Tinder has better control over customer service
  • Tinder will be looking for support in 2016
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Aer Lingus – Atlassian Hosting & Support

Team of 500 off to a flying start thanks to Clearvision Support!

  • Aer Lingus is now able to track projects statuses in one place and have better traceability
  • Aer Lingus uses Spectrum to integrate JIRA and Confluence in a collaborative platform
  • Clearvision provides expert support, backup and storage services
  • Clearvision offers guaranteed coverage for Atlassian and Open Source tools
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Vodafone – JIRA Training

Delivering power to Vodafone’s JIRA

  • Vodafone successfully received JIRA training and now departments work more efficiently together
  • 300+ users of JIRA at Vodafone
  • Better, faster and more effective collaboration & communication thanks to JIRA
  • The company is already looking to upgrade to the newest JIRA Version 7
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Music Choice – JIRA and Confluence Implementation

Clearvision hits the right note for Music Choice

  • Music Choice departments wanted to achieve better communication and collaboration across the organization.
  • The account manager and Music Choice worked closely together to decide on the best course of action for the company and agreed on a Confluence and JIRA implementation.
  • The training from Clearvision was very valuable for the team as it saved weeks to on board team, process workflows were established and are being standardized, multiple templates were created for the team additionally projects and guidelines were created for project reviews in Confluence
  • The Atlassian tools suite allowed the users, developers, and test teams to work side by side during their project phases with complete visibility into each other’s tasks
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Sunteck & Spectrum

Transporting to ALM and Atlassian with Spectrum

  • Sunteck made the decision to adopt Spectrum, a collaborative platform designed for businesses that require greater communication and visibility of projects and teams.
  • Sunteck uses JIRA Service Desk to capture all requests centrally and allow users to monitor the status of requests throughout their lifecycle.
  • The Sunteck team also uses Bitbucket (formerly Stash) to manage code branches and releases, and uses Confluence to communicate with its user community.
  • By the use of the Atlassian tool suite within Spectrum, Sunteck has succeeded in completely transforming its application development lifecycle.
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Teranet & Comprehensive Git Migration

Find out how Teranet has transformed the way its teams work

  • Our Git consultants worked with Teranet to migrate from ClearCase to Git, achieving remarkable benefits. Download the case study to learn more
  • The migration was rolled out gradually across the organization with each team moving to the new infrastructure between application releases
  • Teranet successfully adopted Open Source, Git DVCS and Gerrit Code Review tools
  • Clearvision provided Git, Gerrit and Jira training support
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Netrefer & the Atlassian stack

NetRefer outperforms the competition with the Atlassian stack

  • NetRefer decided to adopt an assortment of Atlassian tools such as JIRA, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence and Crowd, along with JIRA add-ons like Tempo and Clearvision’s IT Support.
  • Alongside this, Clearvision provided two days of custom development in order to create a Livechat add-on, which enables NetRefer to embed a chat box into the Service Desk portal for the clients to see once they are logged in.
  • NetRefer has been using Crowd, a centralised user database management tool that allows different sources to integrate with the tool to enable single sign-on for all linked Atlassian tools.
  • Clearvision migrated R&D data from existing JIRA and Confluence services to two new servers hosted within NetRefer’s own dedicated environment.
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