Happy customers

Clearvision customers’ reviews from recent projects

P&G, JIRA Rollout

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your quick response to my call for help, in getting JIRA set up on extremely aggressive timing, for one of the largest and most complex projects that Procter & Gamble and our Global Business Services organization has ever initiated and delivered.”

The Application Manager at P&G

Vodafone, Atlassian administrator Training

“We received great training! James, the trainer, was fantastic! Really happy about the service provided, and we are looking forward to working with Clearvision again!”

Hossam, Online Platform Manager

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Aerospace Corporation, Atlassian toolset Consultancy

“We were able to get our system up and running within the allotted time, and our consultant did a great job answering our questions and adjusting to our environment.”

Michael, Manager, Applications Engineering & Services

Nokia, Git Training

“The course was really interesting and really permitted us to gradually understand what Git is and the benefits of Git. Of course, the exercises were absolutely necessary and permitted us to explore by ourselves the possibilities offered by Git.”

Pierre, 3G Tester

Tinder, JIRA and Confluence Consultancy

“We were able to utilise a specialist and precisely define the architecture needed as per our team and company goals”

Brian, IT Operations

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Teranet, ClearCase to Git Migration

“When you’ve got a company like Clearvision that can provide you with very competitive support costs, you really benefit hugely from cost reduction. More people should be looking at such alternatives.”

Steve, Senior Systems Architect

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Paddy Power, JIRA Service Desk

“My previous experience working with Clearvision has been very good – they’ve gone above and beyond consistently in delivering good service”

Andrew, Software Delivery Manager

Music Choice, JIRA and Confluence Rollout

“Utilising the suite of integrated products from Atlassian has allowed our users, developers, testers and business team to work through all phases of the SDLC in an integrated solution. We have seen a significant improvement in development time and with collaboration. Clearvision was instrumental providing the associated training, guidance and support to successfully launch the Atlassian toolset.”

Michael, Vice President Engineering and Operations

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Origami Energy, Git and Gerrit Training

“We have received some good-quality training in both Git and Gerrit, delivered on our site. This has established the benchmark level of skills that the team required. We also received some excellent course notes and supplementary materials after the course.”

Steve, Software Team Leader

Hood Group, JIRA and Confluence Consultancy

“James, the consultant, was exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire week. His input and assistance allowed us to hit the ground running with Confluence and JIRA. The training provided was entirely fit for purpose and, so far, I have managed to add additional configuration without getting stuck. All in all, a job well done. Thank you.”

Ian, Head of Change

Alcatel Lucent, Git and Gerrit Training

“This course was very helpful for me to understand the basic concepts of Git and Gerrit and also get the knowledge of how to use it for my daily work.”

Albert, Change Manager

Glasspaper, JIRA and Confluence Training

“Glasspaper is the leading IT course provider in Norway with a strict focus on quality, knowledge and a great ability in communication in our deliveries. When searching for a partner for delivery of JIRA and Confluence courses in Norway, we looked for a company with the same values and focus. We have found that in Clearvision.”

Henning, Training Development

Intermountain Healthcare, Bitbucket Training

“I thought the course was very well rounded and covered a good range and difficulty of material. Having previously used Git and having some experience with Stash, the course was a little bit of review at first, but most of the day I came across things I didn’t know before, or got the opportunity to learn more deeply about how Git works under the covers. [The trainer] was definitely an authority on the material and was very nice, helpful, and made the class fun.”

Brad, Software Engineer

OceanLink, JIRA Consultancy

“Clearvision has an impressive customer portfolio, which led us to believe that the services offered by this company are top notch, and we were very impressed with the service we received.”

Joseph, Technical Operations Manager

kCura, Portfolio for JIRA Training

“Thank you for arranging for us to sit with your trainer Caroline for JIRA Portfolio training. Yesterday’s session was very informative. We are very pleased with the delivery and the content covered.”

Representative at kCura

DB Schenker, JIRA Training

“We got in touch with Clearvision for an on-site JIRA Advanced training course. The trainer was engaging, thorough and always prepared to answer questions. The exercises were helpful and we now feel confident in using JIRA to its fullest. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clearvision.”

Albert, Change Manager

Peek Traffic, JIRA Training

“The course targeted specific areas of JIRA administration, which allowed us to better understand and improve the way we manage our JIRA system. Clearvision took each area in turn and carefully explained the way it worked and how to best use it. The trainer was patient, understanding and very thorough. I cannot recommend Clearvision enough for JIRA training.”

Kevin, Programme Support Manager

Met Office, JIRA Training

“This course made us think about how we will use JIRA after the current project has completed. It was aimed at the right technical level and was very useful.”

Alison, Project Manager

Macmillan, Confluence Rollout and Hosting

“With Clearvision’s assistance on LDAP and User Profiles Plugin, we were able to take it from project wiki to a company-wide intranet and employee directory.”

George, VP, Business & Workflow Systems

Sunteck, Atlassian Consultancy

“Clearvision was able to demonstrate a comprehensive solution that would allow us to quickly deploy a unified Atlassian solution in a very short time period, and it required very little effort on our side.”

Sean, CIO

CACI, Licensing Account Management

“We benefitted from being able to ask questions and having fast responses from someone in the UK who really knows the products and the changes as and when they happen. We saved time, which is precious for the environment we work in, which normally consists of very tight timescales.”

Nimesh, System Analyst

Beckhoff, Atlassian Application Support

“Reading reviews online suggest Clearvision was one of the best options, and we got the work completed. The installation technician was very knowledgeable and was able to resolve all installation issues along the way.”

Seng, Service Technician

NetRefer, JIRA & Confluence Consultancy

“Clearvision have allowed us to explore the best possible solutions, tailored to our needs, together with providing us with the technical experience to support our 24/7 support framework.”

Tim, COO

European Banking Authority, JIRA Service Desk Rollout

“The consultants that we had on site were very experienced. They were pretty quickly engaged and understood our environment and worked hard to achieve what we had requested. Furthermore, we managed to get much more done out of the consultancy, compared to what we had initially anticipated. Well done!”

Ioannis, IT Operations Expert

Tombola, JIRA Consultancy

“We asked Clearvision to come in and review our implementation, provide some quick wins and give us some good advice. They not only did that, but opened our eyes to a lot of possibilities with JIRA we hadn’t thought of.”

Neil, Games Client Development Manager

Celesio UK, Subversion Migration

“We were able to upgrade Subversion to the latest version. We can now access all the Subversion repositories using a web browser (Apache). The consultant was very knowledgeable and was able to address all our concerns.”

Ananda, Solution Engineer Lead

Rainmaker, Git Training

“After moving from SVN to Git, we were looking for guidance on the best processes to apply to our company, and the one-day mentoring session from Clearvision was exactly what we were looking for. It was very beneficial.”

Conor, Data Analytics Product Owner

Simplyhealth, Atlassian toolset Consultancy and Training

“Having conducted a tools review of our requirements across systems development, IT operations and service, we met with Clearvision as one of the potential solution providers. Clearvision were well represented, prepared and demonstrated knowledge in the areas that we were looking to address.”

Chris, Head of Testing

Hologic, JIRA Training

“Our engineer, who was responsible for coordinating this training, read good things about Clearvision. Also, the communication with Clearvision was easy and efficient.”

Deepak, Senior Manager

Royal Academy of Arts, JIRA Training

“As a review of the trainer, it is to his credit that he was very adaptable and sensitive to what we needed. I thought his training style and delivery was great.”

Rebecca, IT Strategy Manager

Atos, Agile Training

“The training was very good and I learned a lot. It gave me the expected understanding about Scrum, and the trainer gave not only a lot of information, but he transformed it to our needs.”

John Chatterton, Global Chief Architect

Telenor, JIRA Training

“Good introduction, easy to understand, very good presentation and lab tasks that made it easy to follow and good structured presentation of every module followed by lab task.”

Camilla, Interconnect Manager

Anaplan, Git Training

“I thought the trainer was an excellent presenter, and clearly knew the subject well, which really helped make the course easy to follow.”

Chris Wood, Senior System Administrator

Rackspace, JIRA Consultancy

“The consultant has been polite, friendly and has created a flawless JIRA platform that we (100+ people) are using on a daily basis. I’m especially happy with the new dashboard feature and all of the advice that he has given me about future tweaks/add-ons that could be made to the tool. I hope to work with him again in the future.”

Jack, Creative

Cegedim RX, Atlassian toolset Consultancy

“Really impressed with the way they’re always on top of things from your side and the way they deal with the issues we raise.”

Dave, Scrum Master

Maritime Cargo Processing, JIRA Process Consultancy

“A vast amount of ground was covered over such a short period of time, and your wealth of experience and industry knowledge has proved to be invaluable. Thank you once again.”

Stuart, Quality Assurance System Test Manager

Capital One, Agile with JIRA Training

The trainer was incredibly knowledgeable about JIRA, Confluence and Agile processes. This was a custom mentoring session based on several objectives, but the agenda was somewhat fluid. This approach suited our needs really well. Clearvision was very patient throughout the entire planning process of this custom training and was a great partner. This was not just another training session. They really worked to understand our needs at a deeper level. The trainer’s approach and style was very effective and comfortable.”

Greg, Agile Coach/Scrum Master

Amadeus, Git Training

Clearvision had the willingness to discuss courses content/customisation to what best suited our needs and was able to offer the training classes to our developers/staff.”

Bernadette, Project Office Manager

BirdLife International, JIRA and Git Webinars

“I very much benefited from the Clearvision’s webinars: they are comprehensive and thorough; the trainer competently walks you through the sessions and gladly stays longer on any difficult or unclear element. After the webinar, it is easy to share the acquired knowledge within the company, thanks to the provided material, which make the initial investment really worthy and convenient. Recommended.”

Consuelo, Web Manager

Informa, JIRA Admin Training

“The JIRA Software Administration course has provided me with a great amount of knowledge to take away and apply in my day-to-day work. It was fun learning this new skill!”

ITSM Analyst

CTS Corporation, Bitbucket & Git Training

“It was extremely helpful starting with the basics and working forward. No prior coding knowledge was needed. The trainer kept things moving and took breaks when needed. He answered questions and found solutions to person-specific issues.”

Abby Spiaggi

BlackSwan, JIRA Advanced Training

“Well presented course – very knowledgeable instructor. It took us through the advanced functions with detailed practical examples of the work.”

Mick, Head of Technology

Honeywell, Git consultancy

“The consultant did an excellent job clearing up misconceptions that we had about Bitbucket/Git and helping us understand what we need to do to move forward effectively with our migration.”

Alan at Honeywell

Netrefer, JIRA Consultancy

“We engage with Clearvision purely because their professional assistance towards the completion of a project is exceptional. Throughout the whole cycle we receive solid feedback, which allows us to overcome any obstacles in a timely fashion. Thank you, Luis!”

Christian, IT Manager

University of California Davis, Atlassian toolset Consultancy

“There were other vendors we looked at, but we determined Clearvision was the most suited to address our requirements.”

Jackie, Senior Project and Quality Assurance Manager

Willis Towers Watson, Bitbucket Migration & Rollout

“We really liked the instructor. He was very knowledgeable and managed to get everything done quicker than we had originally envisaged. He is a very likable and friendly person, and we would be very happy to work with him again any time. “

Paul, Business Analyst

Cambridge University Press, JIRA Migration

“JIRA is now officially migrated away from Open LDAP authentication and using AD directly. I want to express my thanks to Chris N for his commitment to getting this done within the short timescale. Thanks also, of course, to Mike at Clearvision, who did a great job building and testing the scripts to migrate the users across successfully, and for late evenings and last-minute refinements…thanks!”

James, Application Manager

TM Forum, JIRA & Crowd upgrade

“I wanted to thank the Clearvision team for their support before during and after the Confluence, JIRA and Crowd upgrade this past weekend. It went extremely smoothly, and the feedback from our users has been roundly positive. Indeed, our CEO has commented on how well things went. As you know, this is a mission-critical platform for us, so smooth running is essential.”

Richard, VP, Technology & Community

Atom Bank, Confluence Training

“Very good training course providing an overview of JIRA, which I can take back to the office and apply to my role.”

Paul, Test Manager

Inivata, Git Training

“I had been using Git for a while but without having formally learnt it. It was great to get a deeper understanding of what happens in the background, which will help me in the future.”

Catherine, Computer Scientist

BAE Systems, Git with Atlassian Bitbucket Training

“Great class with a lot of material covered. Overall a stable foundation to build skills from. The consultant did a very good job of explaining some relatively complicated, counter-intuitive concepts even with some less technical folks in the room.  He took the time to ensure that everyone, not just software engineers, understood the material thoroughly”

Nick, Hardware Software Integration