Atlassian Consultancy

Atlassian Consultancy

Health checks, advice, and expertise for software solutions — Atlassian, Mendix, Checkmarx, and more.


Our Consultants will help you implement individual tools such as Jira and Confluence, roll-out any number of combinations and integrations between them, and configure them to your exact requirements — all within a matter of days.

Kickstart your environment so that the tools are ready to use immediately. With expert advice, you can adopt best practices from the get-go ensuring you get the most from your investment.


We can help your teams wherever they are:

Plan and execute your move to the Atlassian Stack.

Pitch and demonstrate the tools to business leaders.

Carry out migration projects from start to finish.

Integrate Atlassian tools with your existing setup.

Help dispersed teams work more effectively.

Existing Atlassian users

How do you get the most out of your Atlassian applications?

When it comes to tools, it is not uncommon for teams to stick with what they think is the best or easiest option. This can mean missing out on more effective solutions.

Through discoveries and advisories, our consultants can help you leverage your investment in the right software for your business.


Experts on demand

Have you ever wished you had an Atlassian expert at your service? Someone you could call on to book an individual mentoring session, create a coaching plan for your team, or to just be available for a certain number of hours per month to help with your Atlassian-related initiatives.

Clearvision offers Experts on Demand, a subscription-based service that allows you to have mentoring, coaching and consultancy professionals available for all of your Atlassian requirements.


Configuring existing setups to ensure collaboration between tools and teams.

Improving existing workflows and processes.

Understanding best practices for your business.

Creating custom workflows, dashboards, templates, schemes, agile boards, and more.


Jira Consultancy

Including Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Jira Core.

Jira self-hosted or in the cloud, workflows, reporting, agile boards — we help with it all!


Confluence Consultancy

Including Confluence Team Calendars

Structures, spaces, permissions, templates, theming, and more.


Health Checks

Unearth issues before they arise with advice following an evaluation of your environment.

Atlassian Skilled Contractors

ClearHub is your platform for hiring Atlassian-skilled contractors for longer-term projects and work. Search, find and solve - easy.


Case Studies

We helped ReAssure and the University of Essex with their transformation plans. Click the browse button to learn more.

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Jira Software is built for software teams and is used for planning, tracking, and releasing. Clearvision offers licensing, training, consultancy, and more for Jira Software and the rest of the Atlassian Stack.

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