Atlassian Bitbucket

The Git solution for professional teams

Bitbucket is a Git repository management solution designed for professional teams. It provides tools that encourage collaboration around your source code, the extensibility to ensure it integrates into your workflow, and the ability to massively scale as your team grows.

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Bitbucket is Flexible!

One of the reasons Atlassian Bitbucket is the Git solution for professional teams is its flexibility:

Bitbucket Cloud

Cloud hosted Bitbucket is a hassle-free and affordable deployment option that is perfect for smaller teams to get going with Git quickly.

Bitbucket Server

Formerly Stash, Bitbucket Server gives you secure, fast, enterprise-grade controls hosted on your server.

Bitbucket Data Center

Bitbucket Data Center is power and reliability at scale. Active clustering and distributed load, you have high availability and performance at all times.

Which deployment is right for you?

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Easy Git repository management

Avoid the overhead of managing Git for your team. Use Bitbucket Server's interface to add users and groups and create and manage repositories, while Project Structure logically groups repositories in seconds.

Built for enterprise teams

Your servers, your environment, your rules. Built specifically for the enterprise and designed for security, reliability and performance, use Bitbucket Server within the safety of your firewall.

Simple user management

Cover all user management options. Use Bitbucket Server's internal directory, connect to JIRA as a crowd server, or use your organisation's own LDAP.

Granular permissions

Bitbucket's user management gives you the control you need to set user permissions right down to branch level to ensure your code stays secure.

Continuous integration

As well as JIRA integration, Bitbucket Server allows you to monitor the status of Bamboo builds, as well as collaborate in real time with HipChat room notifications.

Code traceability

JIRA meets Bitbucket Server for traceability between issues and source. Quickly reference source code associated with JIRA issues and view issues linked to commits.

Pull requests

Integrate code review into your workflow with pull requests. Review and change code and comment with suggestions, all before merging.

Fast source browsing

Track all code activity in a project – browse repositories, drill into changesets, explore files and file history and view diffs, all in an easily digestible way.

Hosting with Clearvision

Interested in Bitbucket cloud or a hybrid solution? Host with Clearvision and you'll get a dedicated account manager, secure and reliable hosting with added perks.

Training for Bitbucket

Training for professional teams of all sizes, it's designed to transform teams to get them reaping the full benefit of Bitbucket and make the most of the investment.

Enterprise support

Dedicate Support teams focus on getting and keeping our clients on fully working, integrated and performing tools.