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Enterprise deployment options for Jira, Bitbucket Server, Hipchat and Confluence. Atlassian Data Center is designed for consistent performance and availability at scale when hosting Atlassian tools in your own data center to ensure your tools are ready to grow alongside your business.


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Server to Data Center: The tipping point

This white paper from Atlassian sets out everything you need to know about scaling your Atlassian applications with Data Center. 

From identifying the "tipping point" to preparation, planning and execution, this in depth white paper will help you refine your strategy for scaling your tools alongside your teams.

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Active clustering

Cluster multiple active servers to ensure users have uninterrupted access to critical applications in the event of unexpected hardware failure. Admins can route certain applications, teams or geographies to specific nodes in a cluster.

Distributed load

Each node in your Data Center cluster increases capacity for concurrent users without sacrificing performance.


Data Center deployments integrate with industry standard technologies for database clustering and shared files systems to minimise single points of failure.

Concurrent user capacity

Use any form of load-balancing technology, hardware or software, to intelligently distribute load across your Data Center cluster.

For Bitbucket Server

Bitbucket Server eliminates clustering capabilities where automation around source code puts servers under significant duress. It's seamlessly scaled and works across server clusters.

Safe & secure

Atlassian Data Center comes with enterprise-grade security and collaborative workflows. With Stash, repositories are protected by the user’s firewalls and permissions are customisable at the global, project, repository and branch levels.

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Data Center licensing

Scaling with Atlassian Data Center

Find out how the teams at Cerner overcame the challenges of scaling software globally. Thanks to Atlassian Data Center, Cerner achieved stability and high availability for mission critical tools, bringing its teams performance at scale.

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