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Enterprise Agility at Startup Speed

Atlassian’s incorporation of AgileCraft software into portfolio is set to help companies handle large-scale agile software development projects better.

Designed to support enterprises who:

  • Have shifted from rigid waterfall development to more flexible agile processes.
  • Need to give business leaders a clear view of large-scale projects under way.

Clearvision can help your business:

Plan and Prepare

Plan and Prepare — by preparing messaging and communication channels to stakeholders, incidents can be planned for.

Automated Alerts

Never miss a critical alert. Manage on-call schedules, and route alerts to the right people — all automated.

Report for Efficiency

Track and report all response activities. Identify areas of success and weakness, and ensure workloads are evenly distributed.

Why Jira Align?

Targeted at larger companies, Jira Align lets developers see how their work fits into the bigger picture.

Jira Align (formerly AgileCraft) is set to simplify building software at scale, and drive outcomes.

Features include:

  • The linking of strategy to execution.
  • Work made visible across the company in a single view, regardless of where it’s being managed.
  • Visibility of the program board, ensuring changes in scope can be seen across teams.
  • Early results, visible with outcome sensors for immediate feedback.
  • The ability for users to quickly see leading and lagging indicators, helping them decide whether to halt, or power through.

Effective Collaboration

By using the in built 'team role-up' tech, visibility of work is synced across your whole enterprise in real time.


Increased visibility allows consistency across teams and portfolios by aligning roadmaps, scope and dependancy.


Value engineering is used to quickly push value and smart thinking which in turn accelerates your teams agile strategies.

We're always here if you need us...

With Clearvision’s support for Atlassian tools, you get a straightforward solution that fits your needs. Buy however many hours of support you require and when you run out, just buy some more!


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Jira Software is built for software teams and is used for planning, tracking, and releasing. Clearvision offers licensing, training, consultancy, and more for Jira Software and the rest of the Atlassian Stack.

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