Jira Work Management

Jira for business teams

Every department from Marketing, Legal, HR, Finance, Design, and Sales are benefiting from Jira Work Management.

Streamline teamwork and ensure nothing slips through the cracks with a calendar view, custom workflows, limitless automation, reports and dashboards, timelines, 25+ templates, boards, and forms.

Jira Work Management is an Atlassian Cloud app.

  • Cut the complexities.
  • Visualise and colour code actions.
  • View work items your way.

Here’s why business functions love Jira Work Management.

Marketing teams can:
Plan campaigns in one place and stay aligned throughout launches, collect requests, put projects on autopilot, and use Smart Links.
Legal teams can:
Stay compliant with structured workflows. Review and edit files in one place, use dynamic reports, dashboards, legal templates, and approve documents securely.
Ops teams can:
Use one tool for clarity and insight. Keep the lights on and the inventory stocked, scale processes, monitor logistics, and craft new processes.
HR teams can:
Focus on people. Manage policies, collect simple requests, and automate the hiring process by tracking candidates so that they move through the funnel quickly.
Finance teams can:
Predict growth, react fast, and reduce the load with a calendar view of errant issues. Automate the recreation of monthly tasks, audit-proof processes, approve budgets, and track expenses.
Design teams can:
Collect simple creative requests, create assets and new pages, get faster sign-off from stakeholders, and meet deadlines with a timeline view to map dependencies.
Sales teams can:
Close deals faster, increase the pipeline, hit targets, track opportunities from cold call to deal closed, stay aligned with automated Salesforce Smart Links, and monitor pre-sales requests.

Jira Work Management integrates with:

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