Stay in control

during incidents with Opsgenie and Clearvision

Powerful on-call and alerting management tools for Dev and Ops teams, powered by Atlassian – supported by Clearvision.

What is Opsgenie?

Opsgenie is a modern incident management application for operating always-on services.

It enables users to respond to critical issues before they impact the business and integrates with over 200 apps and web services, notifying the right people, so that action can be taken straight away. 

As software and services become increasingly complex, businesses require the right solution to proactively respond, resolve, and learn from every incident. 

Never miss a critical alert

Opsgenie works by grouping alerts, filtering noise, and notifying the right people via the relevant channels.

The flexibility of the application enables users to customise on-call schedules and routing rules to handle alerts based on their source and payload. 

In addition to this, improvements can be made based on the on-call and alerting processes, which reveal opportunities and areas of success. 

Plan and Prepare

Messaging and communication intended for stakeholders can be planned for. 

Automate Alerts

Never miss a critical alert. Manage on-call schedules, and route alerts to the right people automatically.

Analyse for Efficiency

Track and report all response activities. Identify not only areas for improvement, but gain insight into what works. Distribute workloads evenly. 

Why Clearvision?

We’ve been helping teams build better software for over 20 years.

  • We were using Opsgenie before the Atlassian acquisition.
  • We provide ‘Pay As You Go’ Support for Atlassian tools.
  • We have flexible solutions to suit the needs of any business. 
  • Our services are delivered by an agile IT Ops team who adhere to best practices. 

Effective Collaboration

Opsgenie brings effective collaboration, faster open responses, reports, and analytics for the delivery of quality metrics, both upward and internally. Wake up to incidents; logged information helps users work on a better way to respond.


Opsgenie connects to cloud server, and other Atlassian applications in use, informing customers of disruptions.

Easy Integrations

Opsgenie integrates with Jira, Jira Server, Jira Service Desk, and Statuspage to name a few, providing a comprehensive overview of infrastructure. 

Advanced Reporting

Gain insight into areas of success and opportunities for improvement. Opsgenie tracks everything related to alerts and incidents. Use powerful reporting and analytics to reveal the source of alerts, team performance in acknowledging and resolving, and the distribution of on-call workloads. 

Move To The Cloud

Whether you’re looking to migrate your applications to Atlassian Cloud or you’re hoping to free up your time by having a team of experts host your apps for you, we can help.

Pay As You Go Support

Get a straightforward solution that’s flexible. Buy however many hours of Support you need and when you run out, simply top up!

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