Stay in control during incidents with Opsgenie and Clearvision

Powerful on-call and alerting management tools for Dev and Ops teams, powered by Atlassian — supported by Clearvision

Opsgenie can be integrated with over 200 apps and web services — sync alert data and streamline workflows in a heartbeat.

Did you know?
 Clearvision’s established IT operations team have over three years worth of Opsgenie experience!

Clearvision can help your business:

Plan and Prepare

Plan and Prepare — by preparing messaging and communication channels to stakeholders, incidents can be planned for.

Automated Alerts

Never miss a critical alert. Manage on-call schedules, and route alerts to the right people — all automated.

Analyse for Efficiency

Track and report all response activities. Identify areas of success and weakness, and ensure workloads are evenly distributed.

Why Clearvision?

We’ve been helping teams build better software for over 20 years

We’re Opsgenie experts, having used it before the Atlassian acquisition. We lead, others follow

Unmatched experience in helping teams orchestrate incidents with Opsgenie

‘Pay As You Go’ support for your Atlassian tools

A solution that will fit your needs

An IT operations team who follow best practices and work in an agile way

The challenge of involving on-call rotations for always-on services

Before the Atlassian acquisition of Opsgenie, the IT Operations team at Clearvision needed to overcome a challenge involving on-call rotations for always-on services. The demand for “keeping the lights on 24/7/365” along with the expansion of our cloud services customer base, meant that we needed to find a solution to ensure the right people were notified at the right time, with the most appropriate notification methods — Opsgenie was our saviour.


Effective Collaboration

Opsgenie brings effective collaboration, faster open responses, reports and analytics for the delivery of quality metrics — both upward and internally within teams. Logged information can help you work on a better way to respond as you go, as well as wake you up to incidents.


Opsgenie connects to Cloud, server and Atlassian applications within your environment, informing customers of disruptions, so they know when they're being dealt with.

Easy Integrations

For easy integration with your everyday tools (Jira, Jira Server, Jira Service Desk and Statuspage — to name a few), Opsgenie integrates with everything, giving you a comprehensive view of your infrastructure.

Advanced Reporting

Gain insight into areas of success and opportunities for improvement. Opsgenie tracks everything related to alerts and incidents. Use powerful reporting and analytics to reveal the source of most alerts, the performance of your team in acknowledging and resolving, and how on-call workloads are distributed.

Pay As You Go Support

With Clearvision’s PAYG support for Atlassian tools, you get a straightforward solution that fits your needs. Buy however many hours of support you require and when you run out, just buy more!


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