Atlassian Stack

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Everything your software, IT, and business teams need from Atlassian in one place, for one simple price. The Atlassian Stack gives you a simple price for one license of each product listed here:

Data Center


Atlassian Stack licensing

Enquire about Atlassian Stack licensing

Enquire about Atlassian Stack licensing

Atlassian Add-Ons

  • Portfolio for Jira

  • Capture for Jira

  • Team Calendars for Confluence

  • Questions for Confluence

  • + Premier Support

Connect and standardize your teams and tools


Reduce complexity - Atlassian Stack brings you everything you need for one simple price. Co-term your licensing to make upgrading and renewing easier than ever.


Atlassian Stack makes it easier than ever to accelerate adoption across your organization, and Data Center deployment options mean your tools will scale as you grow.


Boost collaboration and visibility across teams by standardizing with the Atlassian Stack. Highly customizable tools allow teams the flexibility they need to get the job done.


The Atlassian Stack covers all stages of the software development lifecycle. Deep integrations mean teams focus on the work they do best, while it's still easy to track a project's overall progress.

How Atlassian Stack works:

For enterprise implementations from 1,000 to 10,000 users, the Atlassian Stack is a bundled offering combining every Atlassian Data Center and Server product on a single line item, including Premier Support. That's all the mission critical tools your teams rely on every day for one simple, significantly lower price.

Data Center

Data Center is the multi-node, enterprise-grade deployment option that provides high availability, performance at scale and disaster recovery for your mission-critical Atlassian applications.

Premier Support

Atlassian Premier Support is an additional dedicated resource directly from Atlassian to assist with your mission-critical Atlassian applications.

Speak to Clearvision to benefit from all of the following:

  • Standardizing tools across your teams

  • Easy scaling of applications

  • Visibility across multiple teams and projects

  • High availability and disaster recovery

  • Simplified procurement

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