Atlassian Statuspage

Downtime happens. When it does, keep your customers and employees up to date with Atlassian Statuspage.

Status and incident communication

Statuspage is perfect for building trust and transparency with your customers and employees alike. Your Statuspage is your direct channel to your users.

  • Statuspage takes care of incident communication - your team can focus on the problem at hand

  • Out of the box, real time alerts for customers and employees

  • Show your reliability - display performance metrics like uptime and response time

  • Integrate with monitoring, alerting, and ChatOps tools

  • A range of email and SMS providers keep you in contact with customers

  • Statuspage sits outside your infrastructure - in a major outage, your StatusPage stays up and running

Enquire about Statuspage

Enquire about Statuspage:

Enquire about Statuspage

Bitbucket’s Statuspage

Public Statuspage

Create one page to cover everything your customers need to know. Display the status of each core component of your service and share key performance metrics, keeping your customers in the loop at all times, with the option of subscribing for notifications for either components or your whole system.

Private Statuspage

Forget mass emails to the whole business - it's no longer practical or effective. Instead use Statuspage to create a single source of truth for employees, who will have the option to opt-in for notifications of your systems. Rest assured knowing you have secure user access via SAML-based SSO or Google Authentication.

Why Statuspage?

99.995% Uptime

From server issues to DDoS attacks - downtime is unavoidable. Statuspage is up and running during your outages.


Integrate with Hipchat, Jira Service Desk, and 150+ Cloud providers to centralize and automate communications.


Scale with Statuspage - with 40,000 requests/second, Statuspage will grow alongside your teams.