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Custom Training Solutions

Unique to Clearvision, you have complete control over your training solution. Choose modules and materials from our established courses and get them developed and delivered in a way that suits you.

Begin your journey

How does Custom Training work?

The most comprehensive yet affordable Training experience available for organisations that want to guarantee they get all they can from their tools, teams and training.

The journey begins with a question:


What’s your end goal?

Whether you're migrating your team to a new tool, onboarding a new staff member, or simply looking for a refresher, we can build the right course for your requirements.

You'll work closely with our Training team to scope out exactly what you need, from course materials and content, to delivery method and lab exercises. This ensures the learning experience is geared to your end goal and the needs of your business are met.



The path is determined

Once your requirements are understood we will then get to work crafting either a tailored Training course based on our existing material or design and develop an entirely new course just for your organisation. This means you'll get a course that's aimed only at your business and teams, focused on achieving the results you require.

Course development is agile, meaning Clearvision will work with you to determine the direction of the content, working to agreed milestones for course development.




The Journey begins

The course is delivered for the length of time agreed upon, working on the principle of learning by doing. This means getting your team to participate, ask questions and contribute through-out. It also means completing specifically designed exercises based on your own business and use case.

At the end of the course your teams will have learned new skills and be more proficient with the tools especially within your own work environment. It doesn't end there however - post-training materials can be introduced to ensure the learning extends beyond the delivered session.

What’s currently available?

Click on the application for a full list of currently available courses. 

Remember, you can pick and choose modules, request something unavailable and even mix and match different tools - it's completely customized for you!

Pricing is determined by your requirements.

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