Atlassian and the acquisition of AgileCraft

Atlassian and the acquisition of AgileCraft

Atlassian have acquired AgileCraft, a leader in business agility, to extend the power of agile teams to the enterprise...

Digital transformations are no longer an option. The use of Jira to empower autonomous agile teams has become the norm for many successful digital organisations.


Why the need?

As agile is progressed, new complexities in collaboration are magnified at scale. Valuable time is wasted collecting status updates across hundreds of agile teams, creating unstructured snapshots of capacity and inaccuracy in the measurement of value generation.


Scale agile — easier, faster, better

Before the acquisition of AgileCraft, a number of tools were required to provide leaders with critical visibility.


A well established and trusted suite, AgileCraft is used by many Atlassian customers to assist in the scaling of agile practises. Teamwork is brought together across organisations, providing an all encompassing view of the strategy, work and outcomes involved.

The increasing complexities of large-scale technology initiatives, require the visibility, context and alignment AgileCraft provides. Through the unification and synchronisation of work that is in progress across programs and portfolios, a clear executive-level view becomes available.

Agile teams can continue to use preferred tools such as Jira, to move quickly and deliver the best outcomes for customers.

AgileCraft supports yet another key variable in the scaled agile equation — proven customised frameworks, catering to the unique requirements of every organisation.

Did you know? SAFe, LeSS, Spotify and a number of other scaled agile frameworks are supported by AgileCraft!

Greater situational awareness provides an understanding of priority shifts — in real time. Leaders can examine their entire business to assess where strategic bets should be made.

Unlock the potential

Whether it be for single team use of Jira Software to align and track progress; Portfolio for Jira for cross-project visibility; or AgileCraft to help connect company strategy to customer outcomes — Atlassian and AgileCraft provide a unified solution. For team-level and enterprise-level agile, the aim is to meet the diverse needs of enterprise organisations, offering support at every stage of the agile journey.

AgileCraft will continue to be offered as a standalone service, while work is done to build solutions that unlock the potential of teams at scale.

Learn more about the acquisition of AgileCraft at Atlassian Summit in Vegas!

Clearvision will be in attendance, waiting to speak to YOU. Head over to stand 719.

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