Atlassian announce Halp acquisition

Departments everywhere within different industries share something in common — a heavy reliance on communication apps like Slack.

Atlassian and Halp

Departments everywhere across a range of industries share something in common — a heavy reliance on communication apps like Slack.

Tools such as Slack have transformed the way teams work, as they have become more than just messaging apps, and are used by departments everywhere for things like instant updates on the progress of work. One of the reasons for this is because of applications like Halp which have taken the capabilities of these tools to the next level.

Internal Ops teams at Adobe, Home Depot, GitHub, Slack, ClassPass, and thousands more use Halp on a daily basis.

Halp transforms tools like Slack into internal help desk solutions that work for any team — IT, Security, Legal, Finance, and Support to name a few. Once added, a simple emoji reaction is all it takes to turn a message into a ticket that tracks the progress and outcome of inbound requests.

Existing Halp users can look forward to deeper Jira and Confluence integrations.

Halp integrates seamlessly with ITSM solutions such as Jira Service Desk, allowing users to take advantage of structured workflows that are already established, regardless of whether teams in the organisation prefer to use it on its own or not.

It also offers two-way integration with Confluence, helping teams connect to their knowledge base, and is aided by existing support tools that act as a record for the entire business.

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