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Atlassian Cloud Prices Are Changing: Here’s What You Need To Know

Atlassian is changing the pricing structure of its Cloud products. Here, we look at what this will mean for customers.

Atlassian Cloud offers a quick and convenient entry point into the world of Atlassian solutions, but some of the pricing tiers are fairly broad (501-2,000, for example). This is all set to change, however, with a radical restructuring that will make prices more flexible, allowing customers to get a licensing arrangement that better suits the size of their team. And, in the case of monthly subscribers, they’ll soon be able to pay per user – doing away with pricing tiers altogether.

This comes on the back of extensive customer research, which Atlassian says showed a strong desire for more granular subscriptions, as well per-user pricing for monthly subscriptions.

Atlassian also cites a need for more consistency across its own products, and a desire to align its pricing with industry standards.

These new prices will go live from 31st July 2017. For existing customers, this will kick in upon the first renewal after that date.

Before exploring these changes, let’s just confirm which products this will affect:

In addition to these headline tools, pricing will also change for the following add-ons:

How much customers will pay under the new terms depends not only on the size of their teams or the tools they’re using, but also whether they have monthly or annual subscriptions.

It should also be noted that annual ten-user deals will not be affected and will remain at $10 per user. In the case of JIRA Service Desk, user tiers below 25 will stay as they are. Also, any open quotes will be honoured until their validity dates.

Apart from these exceptions, all other prices will be changed – with the majority of them increasing.

The ‘simply powerful’ UI shows how Atlassian has invested heavily in improving its products

Annual Licensing Changes

Of course, no one likes price increases, but they are a necessary part of any business – particularly one that is producing ever more high-quality products. As Atlassian explains, it has stepped up its R&D investment hugely in recent years, with the aim of rapidly and significantly improving its software (for example, the improved ‘simply powerful’ UI announced at the European Atlassian Summit). Some of this cost has, unfortunately, been passed down the chain, but the company remains committed to delivering the best value it possibly can.

Atlassian has broken down its annual subscription tiers, which will enable customers to choose a plan that better fits the size of their teams.

Current Tiers New Tiers
1 – 10 10
11 – 15 15
16 – 25 25
26 – 50 50
51- 100 100
101 – 500 200
501 – 2000 500


There’s also good news for JIRA Service Desk users. As well as the price freeze for sub-25 user licensing terms, Atlassian will reduce the price for all user tiers of 25 or above, with the exception of the 2,000-user tier, which will increase by $250.

Across the rest of the annual Atlassian Cloud toolset, however, prices have gone up. Atlassian has produced numerous tables to illustrate these changes, and you can find them in the downloadable PDF at the end of this blog post. Be aware, though, that these are for guidance only, because exactly how much customers will pay depends on their particular ownership and usage.

Monthly Licensing Changes

Monthly subscriptions are still ordered directly from Atlassian, but by popular request, they will now be charged per user, eliminating tiers altogether. This is a huge plus for many teams, because it means customers won’t pay for seats that aren’t being used.

For ten users or less, there’s a $10 flat fee for all products. Beyond that, it varies among the tools, and the per-user prices go down as user numbers increase, offering excellent value, even with the price increase. Again, you can find more details in the downloadable PDF.

For smaller teams, these monthly deals are great, but what hasn’t changed is that beyond a certain number of users, it becomes more cost effective to purchase an annual licence. The table below illustrates this point:

Product Monthly Enabled Users Threshold Monthly Cost (Annualized) Annual Cost
JIRA Software 207 $13,536 $13,500
JIRA Service Desk 151 $23,796 $23,750
JIRA Core 212 $10,032 $10,000
Confluence 212 $10,032 $10,000


Of course, these changes affect Cloud prices only, so if you’re using a Server or Data Center implementation of the Atlassian tools, then these figures shouldn’t concern you. Naturally, if anything changes in relation to these hosting options, Clearvision will be sure to inform its customers immediately, and we’ll post any updates on this blog too.

If you are using Cloud with a large number of users, though, it’s worth considering Server or Data Center. With features like high availability and administrative access, it’s possible that they could be a better match for your team. Get in touch with Clearvision if you’d like to know more.

See the price changes in more detail

Not sure how the changes are going to affect you? Have you considered using Atlassian Server or Data Center instead? Contact us at, and we’ll make sure you get the Atlassian subscription that’s right for you.

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