Atlassian Cloud vs. Atlassian Data Center

Atlassian Cloud vs. Atlassian Data Center

To help you transition from Atlassian Server, we've created a comparison between the alternative options — Atlassian Data Center and Cloud.

Atlassian Cloud Data Center

There is no need to panic but it is important to know what options are available before you start defining a strategy to mitigate risks and to ensure you get the most value out of your investment. In this post, we go over the key points and differences between the alternative options, Atlassian Data Center and Atlassian Cloud.

Available products in Atlassian Data Center and Cloud

Data Center


– Jira
– Confluence
– Bitbucket
– Bamboo
– FishEye
– Crucible
– Crowd

– Jira
– Confluence
– Bitbucket
– Trello
– Opsgenie

Scalability in Atlassian Data Center and Cloud

Data Center


– Connecting additional hardware allows for horizontal scaling.
– Your systems can be seamlessly and instantly extended, with no downtime.
– No user limit.

– The Cloud infrastructure scales with your business.
– User numbers are limited to 10k.
– Atlassian Cloud grows with evolving needs.

System availability in Atlassian Data Center and Cloud

Data Center


– Guaranteed continuous and issue-free access to Jira applications.
– System availability during updates is high thanks to the load distribution of multiple nodes.

– Various levels of expansion guarantees system availability of up to 99.9%.
– Updates are installed automatically so there’s no system downtime. 

Licensing costs for Atlassian Data Center and Cloud

Data Center


– Individually customised scaling options through appropriate user tiers.
– Available via subscription (stable user fees).
– Fixed user tier.

– Yearly subscription (stable user fees).
– Monthly subscription via direct purchase (excluding Bitbucket).
– Flexible licensing of individual users without being bound to a fixed user tier (monthly plans only).

Atlassian Data Center and Cloud changes both live and to come

Data Center

Data Center bundled apps Now available natively in Atlassian’s Data Center offering. Unlocking this functionality requires customers to either install a compatible version of the app through the Marketplace or upgrade to the latest version of Data Center with the app included.

       – Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio for Jira) in Jira Software Data Center.

       – Team Calendars for Confluence in Confluence Data Center.

       – Analytics for Confluence in Confluence Data Center.

       – Insight – Asset Management in Jira Service Management Data Center.

       – Insight Discovery in Jira Service Management Data Center.

Data Center price changes – Atlassian has increased the price of both new and existing Data Center subscriptions to reflect the value of these investments.

Priority Support bundled – Priority Support to be included with all Data Center subscriptions (except Bitbucket below 251 users).

Data Center loyalty discount – Server to Data Center crossgrade credits to be discontinued and replaced with the Data Center loyalty discount. This helps customers transition to Data Center as existing Server customers get a multi-year discount on Data Center licensing. Server customers migrating to Data Center are eligible for a loyalty discount on all Data Center products. This discount percentage will decrease every year from July until 2024.

Coming soon – Bamboo Data Center.


Coming soon – Data residency update – Atlassian is committed to making data residency options available for all customers planning to migrate to the Cloud.

NEW – The Cloud Enterprise plan is now officially live.

NEW – Advanced change management.

Release tracks: Cloud Enterprise admins get more flexibility to manage product releases and batching duration. With batch and control Cloud releases to end-users, admins have the time to learn new updates, test existing workflows and configurations, plus prepare training and support for their users.

Sandbox: Enables admins a safe, isolated sandbox environment to test apps and preview changes before rolling them out to their production environment. Premium and Enterprise plan customers can initiate one sandbox per product instance for as many instances as they have, for example, if a customer has 5 JSW Enterprise sites, they can spin up one sandbox for each site for a total of 5 sandboxes. Data cloning; the ability to copy data from production to sandbox will also be available for Jira Software and Confluence. More details to follow.

Coming soon – Cloud bundled apps.

Insight: In the March to April 2021 timeframe, Insight capabilities will be integrated into the Jira Service Management Premium and Enterprise plans. Insight Discovery will become a free Atlassian Marketplace app and used with Insight on a site that has Jira Service Management Premium or Enterprise licensing users. More details to follow.

Team Calendars: Team Calendars for Confluence Cloud to become a standard feature of Confluence Cloud Premium, and as a result, will no longer be available for purchase as a separate add-on to Confluence.

Atlassian Data Center or Atlassian Cloud?


When deciding between Data Center or Cloud, there’s a lot to consider, but as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we are available to guide you through the best possible solution for your unique requirements. Contact us using the form below.


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