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Atlassian Summit Barcelona 2017: Updates from the keynote

The latest news and announcements from the first European Atlassian Summit in Barcelona.

This week, it was the kickoff of the first ever Atlassian Summit to take place in Europe. Barcelona is playing host to the Atlassian Summit Europe 2017, and as in previous years, the keynote talk from co-founder Scott Farquhar brought us exclusive news and announcements.

Clearvision at the Atlassian Summit in Barcelona

Clearvision at the Atlassian Summit in Barcelona

Here’s our roundup of everything you need to know from the keynote announcements.

HipChat and Crowd Data Center

Atlassian has designed its Data Center offerings for the enterprise, as a way to provide large and growing businesses with high availability, scalability, and zero-downtime upgrades for mission-critical tools. Atlassian’s Data Center deployment options were for JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence and Bitbucket.

Now, Atlassian’s adding HipChat and Crowd to its Data Center editions.

With HipChat Data Center you get uninterrupted, secure communications that scale as teams grow. That means you can rest assured that your teams can communicate from anywhere, anytime, without performance degradation.

Meanwhile, many of Atlassian’s largest customers already rely on Crowd as a central place for identity management. Crowd Data Center provides improved integration with your current identity infrastructure, bringing single sign-on via SAML for every Data Center app and ensuring that your team always has access to the tools they need to do their job.

What does this mean?

Atlassian’s message throughout the Summit has been clear: teamwork is essential, and for teams to succeed, they need to work together. When teams are on the same page, collaboration is at its most effective – and this can include the types of tools they use.

With these latest Data Center offerings, Atlassian is making it easier than ever for even the largest enterprise businesses to standardise their toolsets across the business. When your business runs on Atlassian, your teams can collaborate more easily than ever, and Data Center will bring you the high performance at scale you need.

Both HipChat and Crowd Data Center are available as a public beta. Visit the HipChat site to sign up, with Crowd sign-ups coming soon!

Atlassian in Europe

In his speech, Scott emphasised the role of European users in Atlassian’s success. It seems only fitting, then, that Atlassian should announce the expansion of its infrastructure in Europe at the first European Summit.

With more than 75% of new Atlassian customers starting out with a cloud product, it’s important that Atlassian’s cloud infrastructure is up to the task, and so Atlassian is launching a new European region in Ireland. This is the first step in taking its cloud hosting infrastructure global. It’ll mean improved performance for users in Europe, offering more flexibility around deployment and reducing latency up to 300%.

More good news for those outside the US: Atlassian will also be working to double the number of languages (nine at present) available for JIRA and Confluence. Trello, Atlassian’s most recent acquisition, is available in over 20 languages.

Your feedback

Atlassian has always placed a huge importance on user feedback. During the Summit keynote, Scott announced that Atlassian will be prioritising features differently across the different deployment options, in order to listen more closely to feedback from users. This means moving away from a “one size fits all” approach to rolling out new features – instead prioritisation will be based on the needs of different deployment options.

Scott also announced that in the last year, Atlassian has resolved 18,000 votes for server products to keep improving products in line with the needs and desires of users.

“Simply powerful”

“Simply powerful” is Atlassian’s mantra in what it says is its biggest ever redesign for the Atlassian Cloud products.

We all know that teamwork can be complicated and messy at times. To help with this, Atlassian is introducing design improvements to bring users a new, simplified experience, focused on making its tools easier to use than ever, to help teams collaborate in harmony.

Improvements include:

  • Streamlined navigation, so JIRA users feel right at home when trying Confluence for the first time
  • Better “search” and “create” functionality
  • New colours and fonts
  • Better experiences across all devices – desktop, mobile, tablet

Check out Atlassian’s design guidelines for more details.

If you didn’t get the chance to speak with Clearvision at the Atlassian Summit, or you have questions about any of Atlassian’s announcements and upcoming releases, simply get in touch.

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