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Atlassian Summit USA 2017: Lessons from the Product Keynote

Didn't make it to the Product Keynote at this year's Atlassian Summit USA? We're here with all the latest, straight from Atlassian's biggest event of the year.

“Unleash the potential in every team”

Atlassian’s company motto was at the forefront of both the opening and product keynote talks at this year’s USA Summit. From a new logo reveal to new product features, teamwork was the main theme. As Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes said: openness across teams is vital when it comes to both products and company philosophies. Each announcement came back to one goal: empowering teams to collaborate openly.

In this post, we’re sharing our top takeaways from the keynotes of the Atlassian Summit USA.

A new look

Atlassian’s logo – originally “inspired by the sky-holding Greek titan Atlas, and the incredible example of legendary service and support that represents” – has evolved. From an “A” to a high five, the new logo has a number of interpretations, all of which reflect Atlassian’s evolution as a company and focus on teamwork and openness. Read more about the new logo and Atlassian’s design philosophy over on the Atlassian blog.

All of Atlassian’s product logos have been redesigned to match, and Atlassian is revealing a new UI across its tools to go alongside the new logos. This will bring a more unified look to the Atlassian products, while simplifying and making them easier to use than ever – all without having any impact on the powerful features of each tool.

Atlassian Cloud customers will see these UI changes starting to roll out soon, with Server and Data Center users to follow, so keep a look out!

Hello Trello

“Open work” is at the core of Trello, so it was unsurprising when Atlassian acquired Trello earlier in the year. In this year’s product keynote speech, the Trello team revealed a number of new features.

Trello desktop app

Trello is already available across numerous devices; the desktop app is the latest addition. It promises a dedicated space to work “without distraction” – something that can be tricky when you have Trello open in a browser window, with the whole internet at your fingertips to tempt you elsewhere.

Check out the video below for your first glimpse, and find out more about Trello for Windows and Mac on the Trello blog.

Link multiple projects and boards

One of the major selling points of Trello is its flexibility. It’s ideal for organising teams at work, but works just as well across all aspects of life. Book clubs and even marriage were the standout examples shown during the keynote.

But using Trello for all the different teams and projects in your life can get confusing, so Trello is introducing a new feature that allows users to link cards together for those using multiple boards for multiple projects.

Stronger integrations

Trello offers integration with a range of Atlassian products,  as well as a number of third party tools. At Summit, the Trello team announced deeper integrations with Bitbucket in particular. Trello is now built right into the UI of Bitbucket, so you can bring Trello boards and cards directly into Bitbucket, making agile product development simpler than ever.

New features and announcements – Atlassian at scale

Many of the new features announced in the product keynote make it easier than ever to scale Atlassian tools across growing organisations, strengthening Atlassian’s enterprise offerings. Some of the highlights include:

Project level administration

What happens when your teams want to be able to make changes to their Jira configurations? Previously, you’d need to give anyone who wanted to make changes global admin privileges – a potentially risky move. Understandably, many Jira users were eager for an alternative, leading to “project level administration” being one of the most popular feature requests as voted by users.

Now, admins can grant project level admin privileges, rather than having to do so at a global level. This allows project admins far more control, and it also frees up precious time for the administrators of your tools. And it’s not just Jira Software – this feature is coming soon to Bitbucket and Bamboo as well.

Performance testing frameworks

Each organisation is unique, and the same goes for the development environments of those organisations. That’s why Atlassian is introducing performance testing frameworks, a dedicated testing space for Bitbucket, Confluence and Jira Software. With performance testing frameworks, companies can be sure they’re testing at the right scale for their specific environment.

Support for Microsoft Azure

Good news for Data Center users! Following on from its support of Amazon Web Services, Atlassian has announced that Jira Software Data Center now supports the Microsoft Azure cloud, offering users even more deployment flexibility.

Identity Manager for Atlassian Cloud

Openness is important for teams, but so too is security. With this in mind, Atlassian is introducing Identity Manager for its cloud offerings. Identity Manager brings SAML 2.0 support for single sign-on, enforced two-factor authentication, password policies and priority cloud support – with Atlassian responding to support requests within one hour.

Confluence and Jira Mobile for Server

Mobile apps for Atlassian Cloud users of Confluence and Jira Software have been available for the past year, but not for Server users. But at this year’s Summit, Atlassian announced that mobile apps for Server users will be here soon. The Confluence Server mobile app will be coming first, with Jira Software following shortly after.

Custom portals in Jira Service Desk

“Make your customer part of your team,” says Atlassian. What better way to do so than to fully customise your service desk portal? It’s your customer’s first stop when they’re looking for support, and Jira Service Desk’s latest features will allow you to customise your service desk portal to reflect your brand – you’ll even be able to embed it into your website or app, so it’s simpler than ever for your users to raise tickets or search your knowledge base.

And you can be extra sure you’re speaking your customer’s language: Jira Service Desk will now support multiple languages. Configure your setup so the right support agent receives the right requests, depending on which language the ticket is raised in.


Stride, the latest release from Atlassian, was of course under the spotlight. With many calling it a “Slack killer”, Atlassian’s latest team chat solution already has a lot of interest. We’ve put together a more detailed look at what Stride is, and what it means for HipChat users, which you can read here:

Atlassian Stride Is Out, But HipChat Is Here To Stay

Atlassian Teamwork Platform

The product keynote was Atlassian’s opportunity to announce its Teamwork Platform, which will underpin many of the Atlassian products and help teams collaborate more effectively.

The Teamwork Platform is built around three pillars:

  • People – Connecting you with the right people on your team at the right time, in the right context
  • Elements – Enabling teamwork through collaborative patterns, enabling teamwork in a consistent and fun way across our products
  • Home – Bringing together people and elements into one unified space, where you can easily focus on the work that is most important to you

This latest development reflects more than ever Atlassian’s growing dedication to empowering teams:

Our goal is to deliver a smart, consistent, and engaging experience for you and your team. Together, we’ll help you work more open and connected – across all of our products, every day.

Read more from Mike Cannon-Brookes on the subject.

Team Empowerment: Insights 2017

With one day left to go, there will be plenty more announcements from the Atlassian Summit USA to come. If you’re there, don’t forget to stop by Booth 1020, where you can chat with Clearvision all about how to become a teamwork superhero!

In the meantime, why not check out our free Team Empowerment eBook? Featuring contributions from leading voices in the collaborative software industry, these insights will inspire you and your teams to work together, better than ever.

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