Changes: Automation for Jira

Changes: Automation for Jira

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We understand you’ll have questions following Atlassian’s recent announcement of changes affecting Automation for Jira. As such, we’ve put together this article using Atlassian’s anticipated question and answer info to help you gain a better understanding.

Q: Will there be a name change for Automation for Jira, once native inside Jira Software Cloud and JSD Cloud?

A: Going forward it will be referred to as ‘Automation’ or ‘Jira’s Automation Engine’. Please note, as a Jira feature it will no longer be a branded 3rd party application.

Q: How will Automation for Jira be integrated into Jira Cloud?

A: Automation functionalities for Jira, are being added to Jira Software and Jira Service Desk across all editions; Free, Standard & Premium, without the need for a separate add-on. It will be known as the Jira Automation Engine.

Q: What’s happening to Automation for Jira Server/Data Center?

A: Automation for Jira, will remain a standalone application for Server/Data Center customers under the same name, with Atlassian Support included.

Q: Will developments on the Server/Data Center application resume?

A: The short answer… yes!

Q: What’s meant by multi-project/global rules?

A: In Jira Software Premium, users have the ability to create multi-project or global rules, meaning tasks can be automated and processed across projects with ease. Please note, without Premium, you’ll need to set up single project rules.

Q: What is a rule execution?

A: Automation for Jira reacts to events within Jira. When a rule is triggered, it counts as a rule execution and this is the case regardless of whether it passes conditions or not. An example would be if one rule is triggered by ‘Issue Created’ and 10 issues are created each week, 10 rule executions will have been used.

The automation team (formerly Code Barrel) consists of 10 people. Users of automation are medium-heavy and get through around 40,000 rule executions per month.

Q: For customers with 250+ users, can the special discounted price be applied?

Atlassian has advised that the discounted pricing will be available on the day customer(s) begin their 90-day trial.


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