Changes to Atlassian Access + New Features

Changes to Atlassian Access + New Features

Changes and exciting new features have arrived for enterprise-wide subscription — Atlassian Access.


Let’s start with the changes

Audit Log Data Expiration, once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Atlassian Access audit logs will now automatically expire after six months. This means they will be removed permanently to comply with the industry standard for data retention. The first logs are set for deletion on October 24th 2019, following its launch on April 24th 2019. Users wishing to retain a record of logs beyond the six months should export them via CSV before the deadline date.

Password Policy Controls

As of November 5th 2019, you can now use password policies from the portal for free, without an Access subscription.

It’s worth mentioning that existing Atlassian Access subscriptions will not be affected, with security and user management controls, SAML SSO, audit logs, and user provisioning being offered as a part of the Atlassian Access feature set. To change your Atlassian Access subscription, visit the billing portal and click ‘Manage My Access Subscription’.

Access Support Offering

As of November 5th 2019, support coverage for Atlassian products will correspond with the specific cloud-subscription plan purchased. For example, if you have Atlassian Access, Jira Software Premium, and Confluence Standard, you’ll receive Access Support for Atlassian Access, Premium Support for Jira Software Premium, and Standard Support for Confluence Standard.

Please note, enhanced support response times and coverage will continue, but only for support issues related to Atlassian Access.

Additional info:

Premium Support is included at no extra cost when a cloud subscription (monthly or annual) of Jira Software Premium and/or Confluence Premium is purchased.

Access Support is included with the purchase of Atlassian Access and includes the same coverage and response time as Premium Support. This only applies to issues related to Atlassian Access.

Standard Support is included with the purchase of any standard cloud license and has reduced coverage and more limited response times.

New integrations and features


SSO Integration with Microsoft ADFS

Atlassian now supports integration, connecting Access with users of Microsoft ADFS for SAML SSO.

SSO and User Provisioning Integration with Google Cloud Identity

Atlassian has partnered with Cloud Identity (Google’s identity, access and device management solution) to enable user lifecycle management and SAML SSO for Jira Software, Confluence and other Atlassian cloud products via direct integration with Atlassian Access. The integration allows admins to provision and de-provision Atlassian users directly from the Cloud Identity or G Suite admin console.

Free Okta for Access Customers

Access enables users to connect to existing sources of truth (i.e. your identity provider) to enable SAML SSO and seamless user provisioning across all purchased Atlassian cloud products. However, Access was built for the cloud and therefore works almost exclusively with cloud identity providers/directories. Because of the fact many still use server identity providers such as Active Directory, a cloud identity provider is required in order to utilize SSO and user provisioning with Access.

Atlassian has therefore partnered with Okta, a leading cloud identity provider, to offer customers a free, perpetual Okta license that works across Atlassian cloud products. Okta offers a connector, allowing customers to connect their server Active Directory to Okta, and Okta to Access.

Session Duration Management

This feature was launched as a new Atlassian Access feature to ensure that sessions timeout. Why? Because when customers stay logged in to different cloud workspaces for long periods of time, it puts accounts and data at risk.

That’s all for now!

For more information on updates or anything else Atlassian related, contact us here.


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