Clearvision Excels as GitLab Professional Services Partner

Clearvision Excels as GitLab Professional Services Partner

Not only has Clearvision joined the GitLab Partner Program but excelled by achieving Professional Services Partner Status!


GitLab is a DevOps platform built from the ground up as a single application for all stages of the DevOps lifecycle enabling Product, Development, QA, Security, and Operations teams to work concurrently on the same projects.

Clearvision is an ISO 27001 certified Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with over 20 years of operating in the software development space. We provide services tailored to business teams around the globe and have formed partnerships with an array of leaders in the IT and tech space, including Mendix, Atlassian, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Together we form a powerful solution.

What the Clearvision and GitLab partnership means

With the addition of GitLab, we’re able to extend our professional consultancy and advisory services to support DevOps initiatives on a wider scale. Clearvision and GitLab customers can expect to benefit from accelerated application delivery and time-to-market as well as overcoming complex hurdles.

Our CEO Gerry Tombs said of the partnership:

“Many GitLab clients and prospects want to integrate Jira with GitLab; Clearvision is established in the world of Atlassian having helped over 1,000 organisations with their Atlassian tools. Adding GitLab to the mix puts us in the unique position of being able to provide customers with expertise in both solutions. We look forward to helping customers overcome increasingly complex challenges, supporting long-term cloud hosting and migration projects, and increasing the speed of application delivery. Our knowledge and experience will help customers continue to prosper in today’s challenging business environment.”

The GitLab Professional Services Partner Status

In addition to becoming a GitLab Select Partner, we achieved the Professional Services Certified Partner Status in the GitLab Channel Services Program. The Program recognises the knowledge and proven success of building on GitLab’s platform to help transform the DevOps lifecycle. Thanks to our consultants dedicating time to achieving the accreditation, our DevOps offering is stronger than ever.

With well-versed experts in software development, cloud solutions, and the delivery of best-in-breed tools, this partnership will be of great value to those who have invested in GitLab.

Being named one of few designated Select Partners in the EMEA region has accentuated our presence in the world of software. To learn more about our partnership with GitLab and to see how it can benefit your team, get in touch by clicking on the button below.


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