Clearvision former interns, where are they now?

Clearvision former interns, where are they now?

Following a successful internship at Clearvision as a Marketing Support Executive, Ben Wheeler tells us what he's up to now.

What made you apply for the internship at Clearvision?

I had just graduated from Solent University with a First-Class Honours degree in Marketing, achieving 87% overall.

Like most graduates, I was on the hunt for a job to kick-start my career. In my search, I came across Clearvision, and the role seemed like a good opportunity for me to put the knowledge I’d obtained at university into practice. I applied for the internship and was fortunate enough to be accepted for the role of Marketing Support Executive.

What are you doing now?

After spending 7-8 months at Clearvision, I managed to secure a full-time permanent position at Leadstream as an Optimisation Executive. Clearvision’s internships run for 12 months so naturally, I felt I needed to find something before my contract ended.

I’ve been in my current role now for 4 months.

Did your time at Clearvision aid you in securing a job?

Definitely. I feel I gained a lot of practical experience and was able to develop and expand on my skillset which ultimately aided me in securing the position at Leadstream.

What skills were you able to take with you to your new position?

I did a lot of data analysis in my time at Clearvision which I really enjoyed. This has been very useful in regards to what’s required of me in my current role as I work with a lot of data.

Anything you'd like to add to wrap up your time with us?

I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Clearvision, it is a fun place to work with a hardworking culture.

I’d like to just say thank you to my old teammates for a great time, the support I received helped me a lot.


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