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Cloud and DevOps Trends: Lessons from Cloud & DevOps World

Clearvision recently spoke at Cloud and DevOps World - find out about the latest cloud and DevOps trends.

Clearvision attended Cloud & DevOps World in London last week! We had the chance to meet some great people from the tech industry, gaining insights from the likes of the CTOs, CIOs and chief architects of some of the most tech advanced companies.

With talks from speakers such as Darragh Kennedy (Head of Cloud Services at Lonely Planet) and Anj Latif (Head of IT at British Pearl) – as well as our own Andrew Stickland (Head of Professional Services here at Clearvision), who discussed how Aer Lingus took off following the migration of its tools to the Cloud – we learnt plenty.  

View the slides from Andrew Stickland’s talk: Lessons from an Airline’s Move to the Cloud: Migration to Atlassian based Spectrum Stack at Aer Lingus

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We took away some valuable lessons from Cloud and DevOps World, and we’ve compiled them in one post to bring you an overview of the latest cloud trends and developments.


Cloud and DevOps Trends

“Data is the new business currency”

To separate themselves from the runners-up, winning businesses need to be able to collect, manage and analyse data in an effective manner. This is how organisations become highly competitive, and for this you need some strong IT development processes.

It’s said that “data is the only real currency of the web”, and it’s continually being collected and used to improve services. The more services you want, the more information you should give, and CEOs believe it’s a genuine trade-off.

Security and sensitive data

Once companies collect data, how do they protect it?

This is a real question that every organisation should be asking itself. It’s important for companies should make sure that employees are trained and up to date with best practices on how to handle data.

Improper handling of data is a big security concern across all industries. A lack of training and poor collaboration can make it easier for hackers to steal data, which creates a real pressure and threat on businesses.

Organisations should up-skill their workforce so they are aware of any new processes, technologies and innovations, but with legacy processes proving a barrier to the adoption of agile and DevOps, it’s important to budget accordingly for these investments. It’s well worth it:  from internal collaboration to customer satisfaction, a DevOps culture won’t just boost your IT teams, but the whole organisation.

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Changing IT: open source technology and the hybrid cloud

The cloud is becoming the standard model for IT. It’s not surprising – it’s flexible, scaled and well known for its user friendliness. It’s also helped to create some of the biggest companies and has changed economics by providing services and delivering new opportunities.

With a lot of cloud-based technology built on open source, it’s helped to bring open source into the mainstream, and it means that when a company moves its data to the cloud, all sorts of tools become available. It brings about a huge increase in developer productivity.

The cloud allows for continuous delivery, giving teams the ability to spin up and down and access to a variety of tools, which would be very hard to achieve on premise.

Forecasting for the cloud and the future

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