Convert Jira issues into manageable tasks inside

Convert Jira issues into manageable tasks inside

Converting Jira issues into manageable tasks inside aligns teams across the board, making every aspect of the workflow transparent.

Manage tasks, issues, and bugs with Jira integrated automations

Adding an integration is easy — head to the board you want to create an integration for and click the button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. An array of apps will appear where you’ll find Jira. From the drop-down list, select the recipe you’d like to add and connect your Jira account with the Jira token to

Align product, design and support teams with your development workflow to ensure every aspect is transparent

Roadmap enhancements: Transform product planning into Jira tasks by converting your product roadmap from’s Work Operating System (Work OS) into Jira assignments. Team members will be automatically notified of the status of tasks such as if they are overdue, complete, pending or in any other state.

Keep customer support and developers aligned by tracking product issues

Incoming issues from the customer support team are automatically created within Jira so that both teams are updated every step of the way. This transparency continues until the issue is resolved, allowing users to get back to customers faster.

Connect design and development

Create transparency and enhance communication by tracking progress with ease. Have oversight of your design and development phases in one place, and seamlessly share and notify members of the team on design changes or developer task updates.

Analyse customer feedback

Automatically take requests and turn them into tasks and projects while maintaining the transparency of progress. With automations, tasks are driven in the right direction from start to finish, transforming customer feedback into Jira actions.

Let us help

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