Could you benefit from ClearHost?

Could you benefit from ClearHost?

When it comes to choosing a Cloud, don't rain on your own parade. Choose one that's right for you.

When making important decisions that concern your business as a whole, it can be a challenge. There are so many factors to take into consideration when introducing anything new, and while the initial process can seem daunting, it is often worth it in the long run.

At Clearvision, we believe having the right Cloud in place, is vital to the overall functioning of your company.

As you may already be aware, we have our own Cloud solution: ClearHost. And while we are confident in the benefits of our own Cloud, we also understand that every organisation has their own needs and wants, and it’s about finding a Cloud that’s right for these requirements.

We find that when multiple options are available, having the benefits laid out in front of us, can aid in the decision making process.

Below, we’ve laid out the benefits of Atlassian Cloud and our own Cloud, as an example.

Why? Because there’s a Cloud for everyone, and we want to make sure you choose the right one for you.

ClearHost Comparison




Atlassian Products Available

Jira Software

Jira Core

Jira Service Desk


Portfolio for Jira






3,000 Plus Marketplace Apps



“Atlassian Server” & “Data Center”



Jira Software

Jira Core

Jira Service Desk


Portfolio for Jira


1,000 Plus Marketplace Apps

Naming & Domain

Vanity URLs available (e.g.

Ability to change domain name

All environments in “” domain

Not supported

Application Upgrades

Upgrade schedule under the customer’s control

Automatic upgrade to latest versions of the tools

No control over when upgrades are applied

Data Residency

Customer can choose the hosting region


No control over hosting region, i.e. where the data is stored


Atlassian deploys application to region based on user access patterns

See “Connect Framework” for information concerning Marketplace App Data residency

Performance and Scalability


No user limits, scaled to your user base


Storage capacity allocated based on sizing

Storage provisioned in accordance with requirements

Storage usage can be tracked

Additional storage can be added if required at any time


Dedicated virtual environment with dedicated virtual machine per application

T-shirt sizing model that provisions infrastructure based on your usage

Custom sizing available for non standard use case

Application & infrastructure tuned in accordance with requirements to ensure Infrastructure (processors, memory & storage) can scale up & down to meet changing requirement optimal performance


5,000 User limit

The storage limit for each Atlassian Cloud product is 250 GB, regardless of your user tier. That means that if you have both Confluence and Jira, each has its own 250 GB storage limit


One-size-fits-all model shared multi-tenant environment

No performance guarantees or enforceable SLA


Marketplace Apps

Supports any Marketplace apps available for the “Server” platform, which is the majority of plugin

3,000+ Available


Connect Framework

Marketplace App data stored in the same Clearvision Atlassian environment and hence the nominated hosting region

Marketplace Apps

Only supports Apps  built for the “Cloud” platform

1,000+  available

Feature set of Cloud Apps are often reduced

Connect Framework

Cloud marketplace use the Connect framework.

Apps run in the Apps vendor’s environment, accessing Atlassian Cloud  instance via the API.

Your users are accessing these 3rd party apps via the Atlassian Cloud interface

Marketplace Apps  may (and often will) store customer data locally in the plugin vendor’s environment

Atlassian Cloud usage terms stipulate Atlassian are not responsible for 3rd party use of your data or for their security & privacy practices

Should you need to validate / audit security & privacy practices of Atlassian Cloud you need to include applicable 3rd party vendors



Full customisation options such as scripted fields

Admin Access

“Server” editions of the Atlassian tools with full admin privileges

Access to database & file system on your behalf


Limitations due to cloud platform

Admin Access

Limited admin access

No access to database or file system

User Management

Supports LDAP Integration.

SAML possible via Marketplace App

SSO & Atlassian Crowd compatibility

Supports SAML but not LDAP.

Supports several popular cloud based user management directories such as Okta, Azure, G-Suite

SSO via Atlassian Access


Pricing Model

Single fee covering licenses, maintenance, hosting & support services

Client retains ownership of Atlassian Server licenses


Clearvision MSA & schedules

Atlassian Server Customer Agreement

3rd party app vendor terms if appropriate

Pricing Model

Low entry threshold and cost effective for low to mid user tiers

Annual Cloud subscription

Atlassian Customer Agreement


Atlassian Cloud Customer Agreement

3rd party app vendor terms if appropriate

SLA Uptime

99.9% uptime


Atlassian quotes 99.95%. This is not backed by an enforceable SLA


Zabbix monitoring system 24/7/365, uptime measured by agent reachable (server uptime) and service availability (application uptime).

Reported on monthly.

Back Up & DR

Dedicated daily back-up stored in a separate location

Roll back partial changes available

Back-Up Data Retention – 28 Days as standard

Daily back-up stored in separate location

Retained for 28 days

No roll back changes available


Public Internet Access

Whitelist domain so only defined IP ranges can access


TLS encryption in transit –  TLS 1.2 AES_128_GCM cipher over SSL for encryption in transit for  standard domain. Vanity domain depends on certificate provided.

Encryption at rest available. EBS encrypts your volume with a data key using the industry-standard AES-256 algorithm.

Public Internet Access

Atlassian Cloud is open to public internet


TLS encryption in transit

Encryption at rest not available

Security Testing

Customers can carry out their own security testing if required

Not available

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