Embed Jira Roadmaps on pages in Confluence with Smart Links

Atlassian has announced an exciting editor improvement to extend the value of Smart Links and the Jira+Confluence integration — embeds for Jira Roadmaps!


Next-gen Roadmaps provide a simple way of defining a plan based on what your team intends to work on over a set amount of time.

In the traditional Confluence editor, a Jira Roadmap macro provided a simple embeddable overview, but with the new Smart Link embed for Jira Roadmaps, plans can be shared more easily with additional options to ensure everyone is aligned.

Before we go into how to insert a Roadmap, allow me to briefly explain the purpose of Smart Links.

What are Smart Links?

Smart Links reveal important context about links within a Confluence or Jira issue without you having to leave the page.

Atlassian currently provides Smart Link views for the following URLs: Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Asana, and GitHub.

Other ways to display links include Smart Links inline view and Smart Links card view.

In short, embeds make it possible for you to interact with content outside of a Confluence page at the same time, ensuring that the flow of work is never broken.

Now, back to Roadmaps…

How to insert a Roadmap

It’s easy! Paste a link to your Jira Roadmap onto a Confluence page, (you can do this without leaving the editor by typing “/Jira Roadmap”). Then, insert an embeddable Roadmap and resize it to fit the page.

An embedded Roadmap can sometimes take up unnecessary space on a page, but this can be avoided by displaying a small preview of the Roadmap with the card view of the Smart Link. Those seeking a subtle approach can toggle the Smart Link to inline view.

When can I use this new feature?

It is currently in the process of being rolled out, so some users may be able to use it already when editing pages in Confluence. If you can’t see it, don’t panic! It should be available in the coming weeks.

When you have the new editor, you’ll be able to add the new Jira Roadmap Smart Link in Jira and on comments.

Confluence help

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