Find Your Cloud In The Clouds At The Gherkin

Find Your Cloud In The Clouds At The Gherkin

Getting Cloud Right in the Atlassian Ecosystem is the event you’ve been waiting for.

In partnership with Atlassian and Amazon Web Services, we’re wrapping up the year with an exclusive event based on choosing the right cloud for your specific needs.

Why? Because moving to the cloud is the best option for a lot of organisations, but with so many to choose from, teams often struggle, and most underestimate the importance of getting it right.

That’s why we’re holding an exclusive event with speakers from two of the most established businesses in the game, Atlassian and Amazon Web Services.

What to expect?

Hear from…

andrew powell
Andrew Powell

Andy is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect with AWS. He is the EMEA technical lead for the Amazon Partner Network ISV Workload Migration and SaaS Factory programs. He’s worked extensively with ISVs for the last 15 years, and prior to joining AWS, he spent time working in SaaS product development and consulting for Fortune 50 organisations around the world.

Don’t miss Andy, as he covers vital information on running Jira data center on AWS, and answers an array of questions including the next steps to execute your migration.

Miro Capka
Miro Capka

Miro’s worked as a Technical Account Manager, and now supports Gold and Platinum App Vendors in the Atlassian Ecosystem. With Atlassian moving full throttle toward Cloud, who better to give an overview than Miro. He’ll cover the strong focus on fast release cycles, enterprise readiness, and app offerings in the Marketplace, setting the stage for large scale adoption of the Atlassian cloud platform.

Teams in Atlassian are working on important topics such as security, data residency, scale, as well as closer collaboration with Vendor Partners to enrich the Marketplace Ecosystem further.

Matt Muschoul
Matt Muschol

Matt spent 20 years in various software development and team leadership roles and now heads Clearvision’s trusted hosted solution powered by AWS, ClearHost.

Don’t miss Matt as he gives an overview of the option preferred by a number of businesses, managed hosting. Matt will answer questions and explore those who would benefit most from a hosted environment and how it differs from Atlassian Cloud and Self-managed Cloud.

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