Better together — integrate Microsoft Teams with

Better together — integrate Microsoft Teams with

Together, Microsoft Teams and make it possible for users to transform conversations into action items.

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Recently, announced an integration with Microsoft, giving users access to features within the Teams application while allowing them to push notifications the other way.

Oren Stern, who is the VP of Partnerships and Alliances at said: “By embedding the Work OS into Microsoft Teams, enterprise users will finally be able to collaborate and manage their entire workflow in one place. No more scrambling to find what you need in multiple locations or conducting repetitive tasks. Everything will be available in one all-encompassing platform allowing teams high-level visibility and the agility to adapt.” – All credit goes to Enterprise Times.

What the integration means for users

The integration enables users within Teams to:

  • Embed boards and obtain oversight in MS Teams.
  • Create new items within from a Teams account.
  • Search and share items and boards with colleagues in Teams.
  • Use their personal space tab to stay on top of inboxes and weekly workflows.
  • Receive notifications from selected boards within the chat feature.
  • Create recipes that notify MS Teams channels on changes such as status updates, notifications, and more.

With Microsoft pushing to make Teams the default collaboration tool for enterprises, it is no surprise they partnered with given its fast-growing customer base.

More benefits

Work OS seamlessly integrates with MS Teams, making onboarding not only easier but faster for users. Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced workflow and project management capabilities.
  • The ability to organise, structure, and streamline all programs, projects and processes.
  • Oversight of projects and workflows for data-driven decisions.
  • Management of workflows and boards embedded directly within channels and chats in MS Teams.
  • Notifications for what’s relevant from straight to an MS Teams account.
  • The ability to create new items within an MS Teams account.
  • Search options for users to browse relevant boards and items, and share these in the context of conversations to ensure everyone is aligned.
  • Visibility over what teams need by connecting the “my week” view.
  • Tabs with boards from different accounts.
  • Direct editing and managing of boards from the comfort of the preferred channel.
  • A view over boards within MS Teams.

Connect Microsoft Teams and the way YOU want

Microsoft Teams and can be connected to other applications which users can run workflows across as they wish, and if something happens in any of these apps, workflows can be triggered automatically.

Once the board is added as a tab in the channel or chat, all of the amazing features become available — board views, advanced filters, and so much more.

The Microsoft Teams app allows users to add boards directly into a Microsoft Teams channel. Users can customise notifications from monday boards by preference and receive these via the chatbot.

The native recipes integration with Teams (unlike the app) allows notifications to be received by the entire channel.

Get help with your integration

The two applications complement each other for a smoother way of collaborating — integrating them can be done just as easily with our help! Click the link below to try without commitments today.


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