Hiring an Atlassian expert? Consider a specialist provider.

Hiring an Atlassian expert? Consider a specialist provider.

Recruitment agencies and specialist providers for Atlassian contractors vary in terms of what they offer. Read this post before making a decision.


There’s no denying that recruitment agencies get a bad rep at times, but we’re not going to run them down, rather, we’re going to focus on why when businesses need an expert to join their team, they might be better off going to a specialist provider.

IT is vast and within it, there are niches.

Niche roles require specialist skills which can only be obtained through many years of training and experience. Atlassian contractors fall within that category and when it comes to finding the right person equipped with the skills your team needs to help finish a project or provide general support, a recruitment agency might not be the best option because they are so broad in terms of the types of professionals they deal with.

Here’s a list of some red flags you should watch out for:

  • Does the agency know their docker from their DevOps? It’s important to ensure they have at least some understanding of the job they are trying to help you fill.
  • Are they really listening to your needs or are you receiving resumes that simply don’t match the brief?
  • Do they offer support of any kind to the contractor?
  • Do they provide any guarantees if say the contractor doesn’t work out?
  • Do they have the means to technically test the contractor to ensure they have the specialist skills you desire?
  • Do they factor in company culture?

Recruitment agencies have a lot to offer but sadly, many of them over-promise and under-deliver. This is by no fault of their own as at the most basic level, they find people jobs, they aren’t experts in the profession they are placing them in. Specialist providers on the other hand, often are.

ClearHub is a perfect example of a provider who not only talks the talk but walks it too.

The table below shows the difference between hiring a contractor through a recruitment agency, doing it via internal efforts and seeking the likes of a specialist provider like ClearHub.

ClearHub table

The use of collaborative software created by the likes of Atlassian requires training to achieve maximum value. Teams that are just starting out, or who have been using Atlassian Software for quite some time and are in need of a tidy up, often seek long-term assistance in the form of a contractor, and ClearHub provides this along with a whole host of other benefits as seen in the table above.

Let’s break down each line of the table for a better understanding:

  • CV & Cover Letter Provided – You can read the CV and covering letter of the contractor to assess their suitability yourself.
  • Reference Checks Done – The supplier will check references on your behalf to ensure that the contractor is who they say they are.
  • Telephone Screening – Is used to assess the experience, qualifications, and salary expectations of the contractor, pertaining to the position and the company.
  • Account Management – Involves getting to know you, your business and how you operate to help match you with the perfect candidate.
  • Technical Skills Test – Measures the knowledge of the contractor against the requirements of the brief.
  • Customer Reviews Available – Happy customers don’t always leave reviews so it’s a good sign when they do.
  • Engagement Covered By Service Desk Technical Support – Is a means for the contractor to get support should they need it.
  • Project Management – A solution for large projects when direct oversight is missing.
  • Performance Monitoring – Checking in with the client and the contractor regularly to ensure everything is going well.
  • Supported By An Atlassian Solution Partner – Refers to the support that ClearHub contractors get on the job which is provided by Clearvision, an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.
  • Atlassian Tool Vetting – Means that the contractor will be tested in their use of the Atlassian Stack to ensure they are capable of helping the organisation before joining.
  • Full Atlassian Service Expertise – This refers to ClearHub being manned by Atlassian experts.
  • Personality Profile – Ensures that the candidate is a good cultural fit for the team they are joining. ClearHub provides this through an optional questionnaire which the hiring business can ask to be sent out to the contractor.
  • ClearHub 100% Guarantee – If the candidate is not right for the job for whatever reason, ClearHub will replace them at no extra cost.
  • ClearHub Referral Scheme –  If you know someone who is in need of ClearHub’s expertise and they land a contract as a result you’ll get a reward!

If you’d like to know more about ClearHub click here, OR if you feel you’ve learned enough from this article and would like a contractor NOW, fill in your details here and we’ll do our best to find you the perfect match.


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