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How to release more often with JIRA Software and Bitbucket

Find out why over 350,000 development teams are using JIRA Software and Bitbucket together, and what integrating these two Atlassian tools can do for your development environment.

Fewer bugs, fewer support tickets, and better software. It’s every development team’s goal, and the answer lies in completing more code reviews. Teams need to be working efficiently and releasing more often. There are a number of ways to achieve this – we always advocate agile working, not only in development teams but across whole businesses, for example, but one of the major factors is the tools your teams use, and how those tools are set up.

In this post, were taking a look at JIRA Software – the number 1 software development tool used by agile teams to plan, track, and release – and Bitbucket – Atlassian’s Git repository management solution designed for professional teams.

Separately, they both add a huge amount of value to teams, vastly improving how they get work done. Together, JIRA Software and Bitbucket work even better.

Seamless integration

350,000 teams can’t be wrong.

That’s how many Bitbucket teams are also using JIRA Software as their preferred issue tracker. Bitbucket and JIRA Software integrate seamlessly, from branch to deployment. It makes it simpler and easier than ever for teams to release more frequently – releasing and early and releasing often is a great technique to minimise risk and build more reliable software for your users.

What does integration bring to your development environment?

Create Bitbucket branches from within JIRA Software


Give your entire development team context around every branch. JIRA Software will automatically populate information for your new branch in Bitbucket and even suggest a branch name based off of the issue key.

Transition issues without leaving Bitbucket


Create triggers in JIRA Software for actions that occur in Bitbucket. You can sync pull requests, commits, and branches in Bitbucket to your JIRA Software workflow so that issues will automatically update as you work.

Give your entire team end-to-end traceability


Track the health and status of your next release from day one of development in JIRA Software’s Release Hub. Release Hub talks to Bitbucket to ensure that done code is really done and there are no inconsistencies or launch risks prior to launch day.

Connect JIRA Software and Bitbucket in seconds


Increased visibility, fewer status meetings, and real-time release readiness are only a few clicks away. Begin enjoying the full power of the JIRA Software and Bitbucket integration in less than 30 seconds flat.

For help and advice on integrating JIRA Software, Bitbucket, and the rest of your development environment, get in touch with Clearvision today. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Clearvision’s expert consultants have worked with organisations of all sizes across the globe, bringing teams the tools and techniques that empower them to reach their full potential.

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