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Jira Software Server And Data Center 7.5 Offer Even Greater Flexibility At Scale

The latest version of Jira Software has been released for Server and Data Center deployments. Here’s what’s new.

Jira Software Server and Data Center 7.5 have arrived, bringing with them some interesting new features for those running Jira Software at scale.

Increased Deployment Flexibility

Jira Software Data Center can now be deployed in Microsoft Azure. Atlassian has already successfully added support for Amazon Web Services, and now it’s adding even greater flexibility.

As Cameron  Deatsch, Head of Server Marketing at Atlassian says, “We’ve seen a massive trend of companies moving applications out of their own Data Centers and into new cloud hosting providers. By offering support for Microsoft Azure, we continue to deliver on our promise of flexibility and performance for our customers.”

Using a jointly built Atlassian template for Azure Resource Manager, customers can get up and running in next to no time. Extended services like automatic backups, geo-replication and encryption are also supported.

Improved Kanban Boards


A panel with version and epic filters has been added to the kanban backlog, enabling users to more easily navigate this area.

Users can also now drag and drop issues to epics or versions, removing the need to open the issue first.

Dividing Issues

It’s now possible to divide issues into two or more issues, to make work more manageable. This means estimates can easily be changed as and when necessary.

Sprint Goals

Teams are now able to track their sprint goals in a designated field, visible on the current sprint and in sprint reports. As a result, goals don’t have to be kept in a separate document.

Edit, Delete And De-clutter Closed Sprints

Teams can now ideate, test and commit sprints, but with the added flexibility of being able to delete or update them. This means work can be more organised, streamlined and accurate.

For more information about Jira Software 7.5, take a look at the official release notes.

Want to know more about running Jira at scale? Read our free white paper ‘Performance at Scale‘, in which we discuss benefits such as high availability and zero downtime.

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