Low-Code COVID-19 Solutions For Returning To Work Safely

Low-Code COVID-19 Solutions For Returning To Work Safely

How Businesses Are Using Software To Transition Staff Back To Work.


The Difference Between Then And Now

COVID-19 is not the first virus to have shaken the world, but in any century hit by a pandemic, the prospect of a new normal is a daunting one. A major difference between then and now, however, is that we are a lot more advanced in technology and software solutions.

How Advancements In Tech And IT Solutions Such As Low-Code Are Making A Difference

Technology is being used as a tool to fight against the virus with software such as the NHS test and trace app tracking the recent contacts of anyone who has tested positive for the disease and notifying them immediately if they need to self-isolate.

Such software is helping us swiftly adapt to a new normal, with other novel applications underway to aid specific areas of our lives — work being one of them.

In the last speech delivered by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, employers in England learned that from August, they would be given the say-so over when their employees could return to the office. While this is undoubtedly good news, it has put a lot of pressure on managers as they must ensure it is COVID secure before they can start inviting people back — this has seen many look to the wonders of technology for assistance.

Applications centered around efforts to reduce the spread of the virus, like social distancing, are enabling managers to meet government guidelines by allowing them to control the seating arrangements of staff. Some organisations are even having a go at creating their own applications to address more specific needs on low-code platforms like Mendix.

It is platforms like this that make us proud to be part of the software world, which is why we’re giving away a free trial of Mendix for three months. By taking advantage of this offer, you will also receive a workplace social distancing app, like the one mentioned above. Stay safe!


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