New version of ProForma for Jira Service Desk users

ProForma is an app for creating forms in Jira, that can be designed to meet the needs of any team, without impacting configuration.


In case you didn’t know, ProForma is an app for creating forms within Jira; it can be designed to meet the needs of any team without impacting configuration. Multiple forms can be included on a single ticket for managing complex processes, and tickets can be created directly from forms to ensure every issue includes accurate information.

It is a great tool for enhancing compliance and helping users avoid cumbersome tasks, such as emailing onboarding forms.

Using onboarding forms as an example, ProForma makes it easier for line managers by enabling them to quickly enter new-starter information in an elegant Jira form. This simplifies and enhances data collection and compliance within the Service Desk, where users would otherwise be required to complete and forward lengthy Word or Excel sheets over to IT — a very time-consuming process.

The new version presents opportunities for non-technical teams

The New Form

Thanks to the new upgrade, ProForma has an even friendlier interface that looks and acts like a Confluence page — effectively combining the workflow engine and tracking capabilities of Jira, with the usability of Confluence. This ease of use makes Jira more accessible to non-technical teams.

“At Clearvision, we use ProForma for Jira with many of our Service Desk customers who use legacy Word and PDF forms to collect data for Service Management or Customer Service teams. The new Confluence-like editor makes creating well-presented forms easier than ever!” – Atlassian expert, Gary Blower.

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