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Optimise Your IT Solutions – Take The Clearvision Quiz

Are your IT solutions really working as well as they could be? We've put together a short quiz to help you decide.

As an Atlassian Partner, Clearvision has spent a good deal of time working with software development teams. But these days the Atlassian toolset has expanded far beyond its original remit, and we find ourselves working with teams in a much wider range of industries, including legal, health and governmental sectors.

The fact is IT is an integral part of most enterprises today, and tools like Confluence and JIRA can greatly enhance teamwork within these organisations. Some businesses have realised this, and they’re using these kind of tools already, but others are struggling with legacy tools – unaware there’s a better way.

Of course, software alone isn’t enough to magically make everything better. Even companies with excellent tools in place can suffer if they’re not using them properly. The fact is there’s so much more to effective IT than getting the right software. You also need to think about training, support and hosting, among other things. These all form part of your overall IT solutions, and it’s vital that you get them right if your teams are going to thrive. Otherwise, you risk presenting them with obstacles that will ultimately impede their chances of success.

But how do you identify what areas, if any, you could be doing better in? Well, to help you out, we’ve put together a short quiz. Simply answer the 14 questions in our downloadable PDF, add up the scores, then read the conclusions at the end. By doing so, you’ll get a clearer idea of where your IT solutions currently stand and how you can improve them in future. 

Don’t think your score is right, or looking for a way to do better? Contact us at You can also talk to us at the Atlassian Summit or by attending our pre-Summit party in San Jose.


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