Our new partnership will improve collaboration for all

Our new partnership will improve collaboration for all

Our services haven’t changed, they've just improved with the business relationships we've formed to make our collaboration offering stronger.


With many businesses now operating remotely as a result of COVID-19, solutions for improved collaboration are being sought after by dispersed teams everywhere.

We were helping businesses with their collaboration needs before the pandemic, and we will continue to do so after.

What will change as a result of this new partnership?

We will continue to provide businesses with everything we did before, it’s just that we’ve expanded our capabilities by teaming up with an organisation who’ve created something that can be used by all departments, in any industry, regardless of their level of skill.

More time, improved processes, and the ability to create and manage workflows with ease.

The organisation we’ve partnered with is responsible for helping thousands of businesses with their collaboration needs by providing the following:

  • Customisable workflows that make it easy for just about anyone in the business to use.
  • Automation capabilities to help teams save time.
  • Easy integration with other applications.
  • Insights in real-time.

Watch out for the big reveal on April 20th.


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