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Performance at Scale: 3 Must-Know Lessons

Clearvision's Performance at Scale event, a morning dedicated to discussing how to scale successfully and stay innovative in the enterprise, took place yesterday. In this post we're sharing our top lessons from the discussions on the day.

Clearvision’s Performance at Scale breakfast event took place yesterday at the OXO2 Tower, London.

It was a morning dedicated to discussing how to scale successfully and stay innovative in the enterprise, with exclusive talks from industry thought leaders. In this post, we’re sharing three of the top lessons we learnt on the day, so you too can keep ahead of the competition as you scale and grow your business.

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1. Technology is mission-critical

The rapid development of technology and software has had a tremendous impact on how businesses operate, and not just within the technology industry. Technology leads to the disruption of traditional ways of working across all industries, introducing more agile, efficient working environments.

Several of the talks spoke of the competitive impact technology has on businesses, and what it means for the software teams rely on. While disruption can be viewed as a threat to more traditional businesses – Andrew Stickland spoke of outdated businesses like Kodak, effectively “killed by complacency” – that same disruptive technology allows businesses to become agile, adaptive, and ultimately far more successful.

In this way, software and technology enable progress. At the same time, it means that software becomes extremely mission-critical. Without it, businesses fall behind fast. High availability and reliability becomes more important than ever, which is where the challenge lies for many enterprise organisations; they need software that will scale across large numbers of teams in numerous locations, and they need to be confident that software can handle high numbers of users as their teams continue to grow.

If those mission-critical tools fail, the impact of downtime is immense. As well as damaging brand reputation, it comes with a tangible cost: Atlassian gives us a conservative estimate that five minutes of downtime in an organisation with 500 developers costs $200,000.

At this point, choosing the right deployment option for mission-critical tools is essential. This is why Data Center options are so popular, allowing for zero-downtime upgrades and high availability.

See how Cerner overcame challenges at scale with JIRA Data Center.


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2. Governance at scale is essential

Each talk reinforced the significance of effective governance – that having the right software in place is essential, but so is having best practice guidance, and having the means to communicate this simply and efficiently.

When teams are global, communicating at scale can be a challenge.

Truthfully, software and communication go hand in hand. Visibility and traceability are key to ensuring effective governance, and having software that allows you to centralise and provide teams with a single source of truth is a major step forward.

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3. Innovation =/= invention

With competition so fierce and technology enabling industries to move faster than ever, there’s a real drive to innovate. Here, though, it’s important to differentiate between innovation and invention.

This distinction generated plenty of discussion. The primary takeaway here is that innovation is about thinking and doing things differently – working in an agile manner to adapt, without necessarily needing to invent something brand new. Innovation and growth go hand in hand; it’s essential when it comes to getting ahead of the competition. Companies that stand still and “stagnate” are left behind, whether that’s in terms of the software they use, the products they build, or the processes that enable teams to work.

Adapting and innovating is the key to continuous improvement, which is in turn key to scaling a business successfully.


Thanks to our speakers for sharing their experiences and expertise:

  • Björn Weigel – Investor, Author, Entrepreneur
  • Chris Hafner – Author, Innovator, Entrepreneur
  • Andrew Stickland – Enterprise Solutions Director, Clearvision
  • Joseph McFarlane – Channel Sales Manager, Lucid Software

And of course thank you to everyone who attended the event and made the discussion on the day so insightful!

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If you weren’t able to attend, or you’d like a more in depth look at what it takes to guarantee high availability and performance at scale for your tools, download Performance at Scale: JIRA Data Center. This white paper will give you all you need to get to grips with what we mean when we talk about “performance at scale”, as well as the advice and information to help you achieve it. Make sure your teams never get blocked by unexpected downtime or slow response times again!

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