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Philly Tech Week 2017: Overcoming Challenges of Performance at Scale With Clearvision

With two weeks to go until Philly Tech Week 2017 kicks off, let’s take a look at what you can look forward to and how Clearvision is getting involved.

Philly Tech Week is a week-long celebration of technology and innovation happening throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

As in previous years, Clearvision will be sponsoring Philly Tech Week and making an appearance at the Dev Conference. This year we’re talking all about “performance at scale” – discussing those software-related challenges that arise when your business is undergoing rapid growth, and what teams can do to overcome them. Make sure you stop by our stand for a chat about scaling your Atlassian tools!

Philly Tech Week is a major event. With a total of 72 events taking place across the week, there’s a lot to choose from, so we checked in with Peter Erickson, one of our Clearvision team members based in Philadelphia. He’s been closely involved in Philly Tech Week, and he had this to share about what he’s looking forward to and his advice for PTW attendees.

Philly Tech Week: Innovation happens here

via Philly Tech Week

What do you find so appealing about the tech scene in Philadelphia?

Something that excites me about Philly’s tech scene is the local pride. Philly is a city on the rise. Its residents are invested in their hometown and want to see it continue to grow. So when a local tech startup wins a round of funding, or an initiative like the Pennovation Center kicks off, the community as a whole wants to celebrate those successes.

Why is Philly Tech Week such a valuable event to get involved in?

Philly Tech Week’s value comes from the connections and opportunities. Event attendees will find jobs, gain skills and make business contacts.

But there is also an underlying sense of  purpose, which I think energizes people. When you come to the events and see all the people involved, you start thinking, “There’s something important happening here. This is good for our city. I want to be a part of this and help it grow.”

With 72 different events going on, what would you say to someone attending Philly Tech Week for the first time?

Look through the events, find something that interests you and block off time! Forward planning will help. If I had to pick out just one must-attend event, I would say go to the Signature Event — where you can meet more than a thousand people from the tech community.

What are you looking forward to most when it comes to Clearvision’s involvement?

I’m glad to see Clearvision investing in Philly Tech Week. It’s a great chance to showcase our position as “Philly’s Atlassian Partner” — we’re a great local resource local resource for all things Atlassian. With Philly’s local pride, this kind of thing is important.

Beyond that, I’m looking forward to seeing Clearvision getting involved in the community.

In fact, this year Clearvision is expanding its involvement and presence beyond the conference itself. We’ll be hosting a series of webinars during Philly Tech Week, covering five different aspects that teams should be considering when it comes to enterprise performance at scale.

Webinar Series: 1st – 5th May

Defending Uptime: Dealing with the Challenges of Performance at Scale

Software Testing at Scale

Incident Management at Scale

Collaboration at Scale

Atlassian at Scale – Cloud vs. Server vs. Data Center 

Register now to guarantee your place! And don’t forget to follow #ptw17 and @clearvisioncm for updates throughout the duration of Philly Tech Week.

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