Security in Cloud

A traditional hard-wired office domain is associated with giving up a level of control and security, in reality, migrating workloads to cloud is just as secure.

Cyber Security

Cyber-security in the cloud

According to a report conducted by Nominet, 61 per cent of security professionals believe that the risk associated with a security breach in a cloud environment is the same as or less than that of software stored on-prem.

Let’s look at some of the strongest security elements of cloud.

Cloud services help mitigate cyberattacks by instinctively creating separate access points for resources.

A collection of third-party web applications may be configured to interact with one another, but they still run on separate systems. Traversal from one to another would require crossing an extra access barrier as opposed to following a local pathway inside a server room. Cloud-based services limit successful cyberattacks to a smaller surface area, viewing every IT resource as a potential threat. Repeated authentication forced upon every resource makes it possible to mitigate attack traversal, and although this may hinder a users workflow, a single-sign-on (SSO) solution helps.

Migrating workloads

In the interest of maximising security, household-name corporations including the likes of Microsoft, recommend moving critical workloads over to the cloud. Whether Microsoft’s IT infrastructure solutions are optimised enough to work with modern cloud-based resources is another question.

Cloud-based identity and access management service Azure Active Directory is unable to replace the on-prem domain controller as the core source of truth where the verification of user identities is concerned. Integrating non-Microsoft solutions is challenging and sometimes impossible when it comes to syncing user identities bidirectionally with Azure. Such limitations point directly to cloud-hosted workloads which present an opportunity to explore new cyber-security solutions beyond the capabilities of Microsoft.

Let’s explore some of the alternatives.

Amazon Web Services — the world’s most trusted environment

AWS Partner

Azure’s biggest competitor IaaS provider AWS, supply a virtual server instance, storage and APIs.

API Management consists of a set of tools and services enabling developers and companies to build, analyse, operate and scale APIs in a secure environment. It can be delivered on-premise, through the cloud or via a hybrid on-premise – SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

Security is of high importance to AWS, and as such organisations with highly sensitive data entrust them with their information.

Users benefit from:

  • Ownership and control over workloads through powerful tools allowing them to secure content in transit and at rest.
  • Management and access to AWS services, resources and control over where content is stored.

By designing technical and physical controls, unauthorised access and disclosure of content can be prevented.

At the same time as maintaining a secure environment, AWS cloud customers get to scale and innovate according to their usage of cloud, paying only for what they use and at a lower cost than those with on-premise IT environments.

Security and cloud hosting

Thousands of businesses opt for a hosted environment because it frees them from worry and saves them time. By storing mission-critical applications in a secure environment, they’re left with the ability to focus on achieving end goals.

ClearHost is an example of a managed service designed by teams for teams, aimed at helping organisations of all sizes with the management of their mission-critical applications.

It is powered by infrastructure provider AWS who are ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and SOC2 certified but is managed entirely by Clearvision.

Clearvision is an award-winning Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner who recently became ISO 27001 certified to help make their customers feel more secure.

Given the fact they’re the only Platinum Partner to have achieved the certification, ClearHost is sought after by businesses who value security, with first-class SLAs and industry-leading security standards.

Users enjoy a number of factors including the same-day deployment of cloud instances and choice over data locality. Those who have specific data home and residency requirements benefit from true redundancy with the option of choosing between different geographic regions including Europe and the United States.

With options for organisations that have particularly difficult scaling requirements, in terms of the number of users and number/type of applications, Clearvision adheres to strict industry best practices to ensure bespoke environments are secure with the most up-to-date functionalities.

Users of the platform get to work in peace knowing their data is protected and reliably backed up at all times.

It's about you

I think it’s fair to say, security is something we all long for and that’s why service providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and hosting solutions like ClearHost have all gone the distance.

Ultimately it comes down to what’s best for your business. All we can do is provide you with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision.

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