Six ways to empower your Service Desk

Service Desks are the frontline for support and a representation of your IT teams, so here are six ways to get the most out of them:

Your Service Desk is at the frontline of support, a representation of your IT team, and a critical factor in enabling your teams to deliver great services to your customers. It stands at the heart of all productive organisations and learning to embrace the best practices in maintaining it can help you with managing costs and delivering excellent service experiences.

That’s why we’re here today to teach you six ways that your business can enhance their Service Desk.

1.) Use your Service Desk software to bring out its full potential!

By using High-Velocity ITSM tools like Jira Service Management by Atlassian, you can better enhance your business’ self-service practices, SLA (Service-Level Agreement) tracking, and collaboration between teams.

You can also help contribute and maintain your support knowledge base to reduce your ticket volume and improve resolution times.

2.) Stop treating your IT teams like multi-taskers!

Having a big variety of ticket types can often be a bigger challenge for your IT teams than a larger ticket volume, and can put a lot of unneeded pressure on them with getting tasks done.

By dividing certain task types to your IT teams in smaller groups, you’ll not only make life easier for them, but you’ll also resolve incidents and problems faster as your teams become more knowledgeable on certain issues and how to deal with them.

3.) Build a customer portal!

By providing a single help centre for customers that links to your IT, Legal and HR Service Desks, they’ll be able to find the exact services they need much more easily.

Getting to the portal is super-easy too, as all your teams need to do to get to the right place is simply type what they need in their browser.

4.) Use your SLAs wisely!

Miscommunication between your IT teams and customers can be problematic if left unaddressed. Administer clear and transparent SLAs within your business to better manage expectations between your IT teams and customers. Not only will this clear the air of any misunderstandings, but it’ll also help with building trust between both sides.

5.) Promote self-service for your customers!

Studies show that 72% of all customers prefer using self-service support. To that end, consider investing in building up your knowledge bases and Q&A communities to better allow your customers to address any issues they have on their own.

6.) Look at the big picture!

Making a profit is always great, but it should never come at a cost to the customer. By putting the time and resources into improving the experience of the customers first and foremost, you’re more likely to start seeing positive results for your teams and business soon enough!

While this listicle is not guaranteed to give you immediate results for your business, it’s a good start on optimising the customer experience for your Service Desks. And in the end, it’s always important that you have the right tools to measure your effectiveness and make the best decisions to guide your team.

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