Stay in control during incidents, with Opsgenie

Stay in control during incidents, with Opsgenie

Faster, more effective, and better communication = Opsgenie.

Atlassian’s Opsgenie delivers powerful on-call and alerting management tools for Dev and Ops teams, helping them retain customer satisfaction levels and solve problems faster.

Flexible rules engine, allows Dev, Ops and IT teams to stay in control when incidents occur, by allowing them to plan for service disruptions, notifying the right people to take action.

Did you know?

It’s easy to integrate Opsgenie with over 200 apps and web services; sync alert data, and streamline workflows in a heartbeat.

See example of Opsgenie >> jira ops >> statuspage integration


A few reasons to consider Opsgenie

  • Effective collaboration.
  • Open response – faster.
  • All info logged – work on a better way to respond as you go.
  • Reports and analytics – deliver quality metrics upward or internally within teams.
  • Integrations – wake up to incidents.
  • Connects to Cloud, Server and Data Center Atlassian applications.
  • A connection to all apps in your environment, Opsgenie lets customers know you’re working on disruptions.

Customers with limited cloud exposure can connect outside of their firewall to Opsgenie using Marid. This resolves challenges faced in the integration of internal and external systems.

Create paths no matter the environment, and make use of the Opsgenie license, where all users have their own account.

For easy integration with your everyday tools (Jira, Jira Server, Jira Service Desk, and Statuspage to name a few) – Opsgenie integrates with everything, giving you a comprehensive view of your infrastructure.

IT Operations and Opsgenie at Clearvision

Three years ago (before the Atlassian acquisition of Opsgenie), the IT Operations team at Clearvision needed to overcome a challenge involving on-call rotations for always-on services. As our cloud services customer base grew, so did the demand for “keeping the lights on” 24/7/365 for all of our hosted customers. This meant finding a solution that ensured the right people are notified at the right time, with the most appropriate notification methods.

This is where Opsgenie came in…

Our team was on-call and ready, after following the quick start guide provided by Opsgenie. We started by creating a “team” with the staff members who were going to be a part of the on-call rota.

“Teams are the heart of Opsgenie – they provide a complete mechanism to select the right chain of people in an automatic way, based on time and content, while ensuring that your organization is well compartmentalized and the management burden is divided among your teams.”

Opsgenie Teams

The next task was to determine who’s on-call at any given time. We opted for a 1 week on, 1 week off rotation. Thus, an on-call schedule was formed.

Opsgenie Schedules

“Opsgenie supports creating and managing on-call schedules in just a few short steps. Admins (and team admins) can set up schedules with daily, weekly, and custom rotations, and specify the schedule as a recipient of the alerts for Opsgenie to determine who is notified according to the on-call schedule.”


After the administration was complete, it was time to set up the integrations with our systems. We knew that we wanted to achieve Zabbix (monitoring system) >> Opsgenie >> notify on-call engineer, and the straightforward documentation helped us achieve that.

Any critical P1 alerts generated by Zabbix were now notifying on-call engineers at the right time to resolve incidents quickly and efficiently.

Opsgenie diagram
Image taken from Atlassian Opsgenie ‘Integration Setup’ page.

“Opsgenie integrates with over 200 operations tools and services and provides flexible, easy to use integrations to integrate any tool with Opsgenie.”

Fast forward to today, we are still using Opsgenie to manage multiple integrations orchestrating alert communication for our IT Operations team. This includes; Zabbix, Statuspage, Jira Service Desk, and Slack.



For the IT Operations team at Clearvision, Opsgenie has made a measurable difference in our incident management practices and reduced the impact of downtime.

Gartner estimates that the average enterprise incurs approximately $5,600 for every minute of unplanned downtime in its primary computing environment. Let Clearvision help you orchestrate incidents with Opsgenie.

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