The best content from Clearvision in 2020

The best content from Clearvision in 2020

As we approach the end of what can most politely be described as an eventful year, we look back on some of our most popular content in 2020.

In no particular order...


A podcast on the coming together of Clearvision and

One of our most successful podcasts of 2020 has to be the very first Clearvision and recording featuring our CEO Gerry Tombs and the Global Director of Channel Partnerships at, Ophir Penso. The recording attracted a lot of listeners who were interested in learning about the partnership and the changes it would bring.

As a collaboration platform, is favoured for its workflows which enable greater visibility over projects, helping users save time and improve processes.

If you missed this podcast, we highly recommend you take the time out to learn how the partnership came about, why it was and still is needed, and how businesses like yours can benefit. Clearvision has since recorded another podcast with featuring our own Paul Renshaw and Roi Bar On, on the types of businesses that will thrive post-COVID-19. A third podcast is expected in 2021.


A webinar on development without disruption

Next on the list is our very popular webinar, Development Without Disruption, featuring our own Gary Blower and Andrew Thompson from Checkmarx. The IT experts put their 30 years worth of knowledge together to discuss security in DevOps and why it has become so important. Gary and Andrew talk about the cruciality of time to market for development teams who tend to focus more on the speed of delivery over security. Most beneficial is the insight into how the two factors can be combined and prioritised equally.

Watch the recorded webinar now, and learn how to achieve both while adopting application security as part of your CD/CI.

An article on the Atlassian Server EOL date announcement

It’s no surprise that this blog post proved to be one of our most popular this year, given the impact on businesses.

In this article, we covered what was arguably Atlassian’s biggest reveal in 2020 — the End-of-Life of Server products, but it’s not just a news piece, as while it goes over the facts, there’s also information on how best to approach the changes.

Also included are some words from our very own Chief Revenue Officer, Paul Renshaw, who has been in the world of Atlassian for nearly ten years. Paul briefly summarises his standpoint on the news and offers a helping hand.

Links to equally useful content including a free recorded webinar which offers a simplified explanation and advice on next steps can also be found in this post.

Server users have a lot to consider and prepare for, and this article is a good starting point. If you haven’t yet read it or watched the webinar, we urge you to do so now.

A white paper on the benefits of federating Jira Instances

Written by our Atlassian experts, The Benefits of Federating Jira Instances is our highly anticipated white paper, covering solution design with a federated environment, flexibility for business units, how to mitigate operational risk and spread it out, public/private Jira, legal limitations, the consolidation of Jira Instances, hybrid models and more.

Click the link attached to the image below, and fill in your details to read it at your own leisure.

The growth of YouTube and video content

This year, Clearvision produced and published more videos than ever before. One of our most successful playlists in 2020 was tips on using Confluence delivered by Nigel Budd.

The link attached to the image below is from a later series recorded by Clearvision’s head of training, Paul Christie, on utilising Jira for improving the visibility of work burndown. You can watch all five episodes on YouTube by clicking the image. While you’re there, feel free to browse our channel for more of our helpful content.

We look forward to the new year and hope for a pandemic-free 2021.

One thing we can guarantee is plenty of useful content.

Stay tuned and take care!


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