The gloves are off! Atlassian Cloud vs ClearHost

Some Atlassian Partners deal in self-hosted solutions, others in Atlassian Cloud-specific. Clearvision has the talent to handle both.


If you’re already familiar with Atlassian Cloud and ClearHost, scroll beyond the dropdown explanations below, but if you want to know more about our self-hosted solution ClearHost, click the dropdowns.

Atlassian offers three (soon to be two) versions of its products, Cloud, Data Center and Server. Atlassian Cloud is the vendor-managed SaaS solution chosen by 95% of new customers. Atlassian dubs its Cloud products as more reliable and easier to manage, allowing you to innovate faster as it integrates with all of your tools.

ClearHost is a service that was created by our experts at Clearvision, an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. It is a self-hosted option for Atlassian Data Center customers and appeals to those in highly-regulated industries, e.g. finance, healthcare, and government. Our experts are ISO 27001 and Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified.

Atlassian Cloud features vs ClearHost

There is no ‘knock-out’ winner between the two, it’s a process of elimination. Try seeing this post as a points game to help you decide what you need. Use the table below to help.

Atlassian Cloud features ClearHost features
RPO and RTO ✔️ Non-customisable. RPO and RTO.✔️
Encryption✔️ Limited to certain tools. Encryption✔️ ClearHost encrypts all at rest.
Data residency ✔️ Limited to the EU (Frankfurt and Ireland). Data residency.✔️
Custom domain names. ❌ Custom domain names. ✔️
Allowlisting ✔️ Only available on the Premium tier. Allowlisting. ✔️
Access control. ✔️ Atlassian Access. Access control. ✔️

ClearHost as an alternative to Atlassian Cloud

Certain businesses in the private sector, where security is paramount, cannot use Atlassian Cloud for various reasons relating to regulations that dictate where their data can be stored and its storage time. As an alternative, they use Data Center versions of the products, but often don’t want the hassle of managing application and operating system (OS) security, backups, upgrades, uptime or monitoring. ClearHost was created to do all of those things and more.

With ClearHost, you get additional security features unattainable on Atlassian Cloud at no extra cost, such as data residency beyond Atlassian Cloud’s EU limitations of Frankfurt and Ireland, for example, ours extends to London.

Clearvision for Atlassian Cloud AND ClearHost customers

The talent we’re fortunate enough to house at Clearvision allows us to provide the following services to both Data Center users benefitting from ClearHost and Atlassian Cloud customers:

You’ve got enough on your plate, why trouble yourself with remembering renewal dates? With our help, you can benefit from co-terming, free trials, software asset management and early alerts on price rises.

Because you can’t do it all on your own. Our certified Atlassian consultants live and breathe the products. Why waste your time managing the tools when there are experts like us who’ve spent years mastering them.

Training, coaching and mentoring
Can you afford to spend hours trying to understand the tools your business has invested in when you’ve got unrelated targets to hit? We get that training can seem dull, but ours is interactive so that you remember it. It’s aimed at ensuring your team works more efficiently.

We can configure, administer, support, and troubleshoot your Atlassian Cloud apps on-demand, so your teammates can focus on what they were hired to do!

Whatever you decide, we can help.

Our IT Operations Manager, Lewis Lovelock, has worked in the IT department at Clearvision for four years. He’s seen it all, from migrations of teams with 50 users to 1,000.

Who better to cover the debate of our self-hosted solution, ClearHost, and the option that 95% of new customers choose, Atlassian Cloud? Watch his short and useful video below.

If you’d prefer to listen to the video instead of watching it, you can do so here.

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