The ins and outs of Forge

The ins and outs of Forge

Atlassian are encouraging developers to turn their attention to Forge, in a bid to integrate new applications with their own product portfolio.

The news comes after recent investments were made to the cloud platform, with the intent to empower developers to build and run enterprise-ready applications that integrate with Atlassian products.


The ins and outs

The new standard in-app development of cloud, provides a hosted infrastructure to build trust by eliminating the need to manage infrastructure or security. The ability to customise apps in minutes, enables access from different devices, and the more streamlined experience allows users to create, test and deploy apps via the Forge CLI.

Ultimately, the platform is a reimagining of cloud app development for the Atlassian ecosystem, and is comprised of three components:

  • Atlassian-operated compute and storage for app developers included in the serverless Function-as-a-Service (FaaS).

  • Flexible declarative UI language (Forge UI), enabling devs’ to build interactive user experiences across web and devices, to ensure developers create a consistent user experience across devices.

  • State-of-the-art DevOps toolchain, powered by Forge Command Line Interface (CLI), which can be used via the project command line interface.

Atlassian plan to help users manage the lifecycle of applications through a CLI, which makes use of products such as Bitbucket Pipelines. They also intend on offering templates, as well as resources for the purposes of onboarding.

Atlassian aim to facilitate the building and running of enterprise-grade applications in their cloud environment to tackle challenges concerning security. Creators have acknowledged that it won’t be an option for all use cases, namely remotely hosted applications, but aim to lower the barrier for developers without in-depth expertise of cloud architecture.

It is important to note that Forge is currently in a closed-beta, and so there is a waiting list for those interested in the programme.


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