The meaning of on-demand Atlassian expertise

The meaning of on-demand Atlassian expertise

Experts on Demand is our new subscription-based service for Atlassian users, but what does on-demand actually mean in the context of a person?

Atlassian Experts on Demand

In the last decade, on-demand services have taken off on a global scale, and it’s no surprise given that we’re living in generation-NOW.

The term on-demand is often associated with automated technology and software created by developers to make our lives easier. Many developers have gone beyond this objective and have created tech so advanced it has replaced jobs! Thankfully, there is still a lot of functions that can’t be fulfilled by applications or devices alone. The fact of the matter is that technology relies on us, the makers. That’s why there are support teams to assist with user challenges. There might come a time in the future when technology surpasses the intellect of man, but the conversation of artificial intelligence is a blog post of its own.

The main takeaway here is that technology can be a great advantage when it is used in unison with people; Clearvision is a perfect example of a business that leverages this concept.

An Atlassian expert on-demand

In the general sense, on-demand means that a customer can access and receive a service without the need for a middle-man, e.g. an administrator to fulfil a request manually. This is because the process is automated. As pointed out at the start of this blog post, the term automated is often associated with software programmes or technical devices, but in this case, it pertains to the straightforwardness of the process. Experts on Demand is an automated offering because it is a subscription-based service, providing customers with credits each month to spend on help for their Atlassian-related initiatives. The process is straightforward as there are only three options required to make enquiries or to book an Experts on Demand session:

  1. Fill in the form on this page to enquire about a session.
  2. Log a service request ticket via the dedicated Experts on Demand Service Desk when you need the service.
  3. Email the Clearvision Project Management team or Customer Services.
Clearvision team main

The flexibility of an Atlassian expert on-demand

The benefits of having an expert on-demand are vast, and flexibility is a key selling point. With Experts on Demand, teams benefit from fair use, which permits the spending of more credits each month (if done on an occasional basis). Clearvision’s Project Management team handles this side of things by monitoring and tracking credit use.

Experts on Demand isn’t a technological advancement, but it is an alternative solution for teams that require greater flexibility. Ultimately, Experts on Demand is what it says on the tin; if you need an Atlassian expert, someone will be available to assist.

An Atlassian expert on-demand; what’s the catch?

The catch is that there is no catch! Atlassian experts at Clearvision have dedicated their working lives to becoming masters in software so that they can help teams like yours. Leverage their knowledge and see the results of your endeavours at long last by having someone on-call when you need it. Fill in the form below to get in touch.


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