Trello, is it Butler you’re looking for?

Trello, is it Butler you’re looking for?

Acquired by Atlassian in 2017, organisational tool Trello has recently announced the acquisition of Butler, giving more power to automation

In today’s digital age, everyone wants everything faster, and this has been made possible, with the help of personal assistants such as Siri and Alexa, but what about in the workplace?

Techies have generally had the upper-hand of such benefits, thanks to automated processes, (which seems hardly fair to those considered “technically-challenged”), but soon everyone will be able to benefit from the added time, with technology and software rapidly adapting to the demands of users.

Take Trello for instance, following the acquisition users will be able to benefit from scheduled periodic commands, organised lists arranged by due date, time in list, votes, title, labels and value of custom field.

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Users can now work faster, and smarter

It is now so much more than just a static organisational tool; the new acquisition means that you can create rules that automatically trigger, when an action is performed on the board.

Enjoy the ability of moving an item from the “To Do board”, to the “Doing board”, based on task sharing with the appropriate team as a project moves through its lifecycle.

And it doesn’t end there, create, move, copy and archive cards; add labels, due dates and checklists, and assign to specific members.

All of these new features, including those not mentioned, mean that Trello can move away from the status of an organising tool, and be recognised as a business process automation.

Users of all levels will be able to access the Alfred app capabilities, which will be incorporated directly into Trello in the coming months, with advanced functionality for Business and Enterprise customers, expected once the integration is complete.

Trello’s Michael Pryor, has also suggested that there could be more automation coming to Trello in the future.

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