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Unlocking your team’s potential

Now more than ever teams need agility and flexibility in both their working practices and their relationships. Find our more about how Teaming and Teamify Traits can help teams unlock their potential and develop their flexibility.

The World of Work is Changing – work is now less about defined jobs within stable static teams and more about flexible, interdependent roles, working co-operatively and collaborating to co-create new products and services.

Amy Edmondson, Professor at Harvard University describes this way of working as Teaming. For Amy, Teaming is teamwork on the fly. It’s a verb, a skillset, an activity and a way of working.

Teaming combines the skills of self organisation with cross functional capability, and is underpinned by agile working practices and agile relationships.

We call teams who use teaming Teamify Teams and you can recognise them because they:

  • Have a clearly defined common shared purpose. (Why)
  • Have interdependent tasks and are collectively responsible and accountable. (What)
  • Work autonomously and interdependently. (How)
  • Create collaborative digital and physical workspaces. (Where)

Teamify Teams are successful – because they are able to strike a healthy balance between independence and interdependency. Plus they do this by utilising their individual and collective strengths, supporting each others’ struggles and growing and learning together through the work they do to make the products and services their customers want.


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Teamify Teams know how to build relationships quickly and effectively. They relate well to an ever changing group of co-workers. They know how to quickly establish trust, effectively share and extract knowledge and make appropriate collective decisions. They celebrate curiosity, seek out different perspectives and are inspired by robust challenges and creative conflict.

They are also:

  • Committed – to both the task and the team. They act responsibly in the very best interests of the team and its purpose. Everyone is also committed to following through on agreed actions.
  • Courageous – acting from the heart, and out of their shared values. They challenge each other and the processes they use, and work through all the tough problems together.
  • Focused – working diligently on their goals and their relationships.
  • Open – about their work, their strengths and struggles.
  • Respectful – of each other’s capabilities, differences, perspectives and independence.

As Google discovered in their recent research into team effectiveness, Psychological Safety is key in building trust quickly. In other words when we feel safe to take risks, be ourselves and be vulnerable, we become more effective together.

Belonging and acceptance are crucial to Psychological Safety.

And in order for it to exist in our teams we need to be curious and prepared to enquire and discover more about each others’ perspectives and preferred ways of working, whilst disclosing and discussing our own thoughts, feelings and struggles.

Teamify Traits help teams – discover more about each others’ preferences when it comes to teamwork, and they also help develop a common language that supports the process of getting to know each other better. Once we know each others’ preferences we can work more effectively together, and therefore deliver even more for value our organisation.

To find our more about Teamify Traits come along to our event Teamwork Transformed, on the 22nd May, where Kevin and Christina, our Social Facilitators will be introducing Teamify Traits and exploring how you can unlock your team’s potential to collaborate even more effectively. Sponsored by eazyBI


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