What’s New in Bitbucket Server & Data Center 7.0?

What’s New in Bitbucket Server & Data Center 7.0?

Atlassian just revealed details on Bitbucket & Data Center 7.0 — here's what you need to know.


To improve the quality of life for developers, the pull request experience has been revamped to address heavier tasks in code review.

For enterprises, features have been added to strengthen distributed teams, improving reliability regardless of location.

Let’s take a look at the advancements in more detail.

Bitbucket is now faster than ever

New features include:

  • Syntax highlighting on unified diffs. By using in-line colors to emphasize changes, reviewers can spend less time identifying, and more time validating the design of code.
  • Word-wrapping to a unified diff. This enables users to turn paragraphs of code that were once painful to review, into more digestible content.
  • The ability to add new tasks without the hassle of creating a comment first. User feedback from JAC as well as customer interviews were taken into account, with new features allowing users to comment anywhere within a pull request (including on the expand), as well as native support for Ctrl+F, making it easier to find things when switching between products.
  • New file-tree filtering and a refreshed iconography, which uses distinct colors to identify when files are edited, added, removed or modified.
  • Increased speed. According to Atlassian, there’s been an almost 50% cut in content load times, making Bitbucket faster than ever.

Addressing enterprise needs with Bitbucket Data Center

As an enterprise scales, organization-wide controls, safeguards and support for distributed teams become crucial aspects. In 7.0, two releases in the DC suite of products resurfaced:

  • CDN support

With support for CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) in Bitbucket Data Center 7.0, customers can mitigate latency problems and meet the needs of their distributed teams and remote users.

  • Smart Mirror Farms

Users can cluster mirrors into farms grouped behind a load balancer, reducing time spent waiting on build results. Teams can point their builds to a single location (the URL of the load balancer), and add additional mirrors to elastically scale and increase their CI/CD capacity.

Support for OpenID Connect will be added as an authentication option (in addition to SAML 2.0), enabling seamless and trustworthy integration between third party identity providers.

By extending the range of supported authentication options, users will be able to achieve Single Sign-On (SSO) for end-users across the organization in a more secure environment.

What's next?

The next two initiatives as part of the 7.x series will be:

  • Advanced Auditing (a DC-wide initiative)
  • Integrated CI/CD

Atlassian has confirmed that additional more robust features will be made available at a later date in the 7.x series.

Integrated CI/CD is another project set to make it easier for developers to build and maintain a CI/CD pipeline, with contextual feedback at every stage of the SDLC. The goal for this project will include integrations with best-in-breed projects, such as Bamboo and Jenkins.

Atlassian will provide an Enterprise release designation for a 7.x version of Bitbucket at a later date.


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